Thursday, June 30, 2011

Still SNE, Baby

Another month and it once again came down to the last day to keep my SNE status. This time, however, things were much less stressful and I easily hit the 50K milestone with several hours to spare (despite a brief scare where the software froze (which I don't think has ever happened to me before since I moved into this condo) with about 200 VPP's left lol). I feel like I ran pretty decent this session and ended up booking a big winning day despite running AK into AA twice blind on blind, losing to AQ with JJ on an AKJ flop, running KK into AA from the hijack vs. btn (sometimes a fold I guess), and losing to KK with AA all-in pre-flop in a spot where a good player could find a fold with kings (all pots were worth close to 200 big blinds). On the other side of the coin, I'm pretty sure that I only had 1 meaningful suckout all day and that was with JJ vs. AA blind on blind...hmmm, maybe they always have AA in the blinds lol.

I did however ran good in the sense that I made a ton of hands against people today and got a lot of value out of each of them.

It feels great to ship a $2K+ day to end the month and somehow net me another 5-figure month despite the poor start to June. It also feels great to have stuck to a disciplined schedule and ultimately crank out a ton of hands in the last 4 days and still play good poker!

I figured that I might as well address the comment on my last blog entry about that other poker site losing their licence so I don't get asked a million times over for my opinion. Unfortunately, I don't really have a whole lot to say...I'm just as well informed as the next guy and get all my news from the same places as you guys. I mean, to me it makes sense for the other poker sites to lose their licenses after what has happened with "Black Friday." you don't actually have the money to repay your players?? LOL what kind of idiots are running these billion dollar's as if not one of these clowns was able to see 1 step ahead of the game and ask themselves "what if." If you're doing illegal things with other people's money do you seriously expect that it won't eventually catch up with you? Obviously I don't know all of the inside details but from an outsider's perspective the whole situation seems rather pathetic.

PokerStars, on the other hand, just gets it. It's seriously as if the other sites are sitting at a table with Stars and it's so obvious that Stars is the pro and the other's are just fish. PokerStars has always handled their business by the book according to the rules/laws and has nothing to hide. People get banned from playing online poker in the States and BAM, everyone's money is refunded ASAP simply because THEY HAVE THE MONEY. Aside from the fact that Stars is not even under the same licensing agreement as the other sites, I see no reason why they would ever have their licence revoked simply because they have done nothing wrong. I couldn't be prouder with my affiliation with the company and trust PokerStars entirely.

Anyways, I'll do a month recap in a couple of days but for now it's off to the gym before heading out for some drinks tonight. Hope you all had a solid month!

gl at the tables!


  1. Just for the record: Pokerstars is charged for pretty much the Same stuff as FTP is (Money laundring, Bank frault) from the DOJ. However I agree with you that PS dealt with the situation Way better than FTP did/ still does.

  2. Yeah I know and I think the charges against all of the poker sites are pretty BS considering the US was pretty much backing them all into a corner by saying that it was legal for people to play but not cash out lol...but seriously, how can you continue to operate without even paying your players?

  3. Oh thats for sure. FTPs behaivor is just realy poor. Don't get me wrong. Even i am not playing there i love how ps is managed.

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  5. Way to go Frosty!

    Since discovering your blog and admiring your 24-table video, about a month ago, I started out trying to 24-table myself.

    Since you formed the 'inspiration' for this venture it only seems right to inform you (blatent attention seeker as I am) of my first monthly recap. Here's to hoping for a better July for me resultwise and for a continuation of solid results for you.



  6. While I agree with you that companies should play under the guidelines set by law, I cannot fully blame FT for their actions. Sure, they're liable for it, but if they were given the rights to operate freely in the US, none of these would've happened in the first place.

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