Thursday, June 16, 2011

Canucks Go Down In Flames

Well, yesterday was a very disappointing day for the city of Vancouver as the Canucks fell to the Boston Bruins 4-0 in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final. The Canucks had two chances to seal the deal but after getting blown out in game 6 on the road they ultimately fell short in game 7 as well. I've told many people that the Canucks lacked the heart that was necessary to close the deal but after more post-playoff information has leaked I've got it completely wrong. The Canucks just looked like they were out of gas after game 5 and didn't have the will to win but the fact is that they were a physically broken down team. New injuries have now been revealed that help explain why certain players were underperforming in key situations:

"Alex Edler admitted he played with two broken fingers. Christian Ehrhoff admitted that he had to get a troublesome shoulder shot up and it will need addressing in the offseason. Chris Higgins admitted that his foot was never quite right after blocking a shot in the second-round series with Nashville and will need further attention. And Dan Hamhuis wasn't around to admit that he was probably sidelined in the Stanley Cup final series opener by a torn groin muscle.

Ryan Kesler? He wouldn't admit to anything.

Despite playing on one leg and having his teammates marvel at his resolve to take shots to endure the pain of a suspected groin tear and hip labrum tear, the Vancouver Canucks bit his tongue when he could have leaned on a crutch of convenience following a bitter 4-0 loss to the Boston Bruins in Game 7 at Rogers Arena.

Tambellini walked into a dressing room Wednesday that looked more like a hospital ward.

"There were probably shooting six guys up today," said Tambellini."

-"Canucks played despite brutal injuries" The Province. 2011

After learning about this new information, I think that it's safe to say that the heart of the Vancouver Canucks should not be called into question.

Even more disappointing than the loss were the events that unfolded after the game. I was surprised to hear about the shenanigans that were taking place in the city because I watched the game outside at Canada Place and there was no misbehaviour in the area at the end of the game. Even on the SkyTrain home people were tame. Basically, a riot broke out downtown and cars were tipped over and set on fire, fights broke out against the Vancouver police, store windows were smashed and some places were looted. It's obviously an embarrassment for the city, especially when the idiocy is caused by maybe 1% of the people that were down there to watch the game. Furthermore, the morons causing the damage are obviously not Canucks fans/hockey fans and most of them went down there with pre-meditated motives to cause damage win or lose. The real Vancouver fans are those people that stayed in Roger's Arena or in the streets and gave the team a standing ovation for an outstanding season despite the game 7 loss. The Canucks clearly gave us an all-in effort anyone that says bad things about the team is just a bandwagon-jumping fake.


June has been a busy month so far, as expected. Aside from all of the hockey going on I also spend a couple of days shooting a video for PokerStars that basically profiles my poker story (basically same idea as "I am Nanonoko") and how I balance poker and life. I had a good time making it and I'm sure it will turn out pretty good. We probably have about 12 hours of film for a 5-10 minute movie so it will be interesting to see the finished product, which will probably come out in a couple of months. Will keep you posted.

My headache from yesterday's hockey game was made a lot worse today due to the fact that I got 2 wisdom teeth yanked from my head a few hours ago. I had a cavity on my top left tooth and instead of filling it I was advised to just get it pulled. I was also advised to get the other one pulled at the same time to avoid complications that will likely be inevitable in the future (I only have 2 in the top, no bottom ones are even in the gums...something about being an evolutionary progression. What can I say, I'm a marvel to modern dentistry). Anyhow, the extraction went well and I just got them pulled after taking some local anesthetic (freezing), despite being quite worried about the whole thing ahead of time.

With regards to poker, I haven't played a heck of a lot this month yet...surprise, surprise. I'm basically starting work for the month tomorrow and need to earn about 47K VPP's before the end of the month to once again retain my SNE status. I don't have very big expectations for this month in terms of money won because I won't be hitting any milestone bonuses but with some run-good I can still hit 5-figures. I've at least got enough days ahead of me that I should be able to comfortably earn around 3K VPP's each day by playing 4-6 hours from here on out. I was originally thinking that I might lose 1 or 2 days due to my dental work but hey, if Kessler can play through the pain then so can I!

gl at the tables.

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