Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Next 15

Well, the next 15K VPP's have gone much better than the first 15 but unfortunately that isn't saying a whole lot! Nonetheless, I think that I've won enough money to be even on the month or up some meaningless amount (aside from rakeback ldo). It feels good to be running better though and I think that I'm still playing solid. The games always seem to slow down in the summer a bit and that ain't making things any easier.

Aside from this Fri/Sat, all that I've been doing everyday for the past 10 days or so is playing poker and working out. It feels nice to have some structure in my life for a change. Usually, I wake up in the afternoon and when I eventually get around to "working" I end up playing until the early hours of the AM. Over the last couple of weeks, however, I've been waking up extremely early (before 8am in most cases) and have gotten the pokah out of the way early enough to have most of the day to relax and keep on top of chores/gym. The main reason why I've been making an effort to get up early is to play during busier hours (now that Euro's comprise the majority of players...well maybe Canadians, not rly sure) and it's been working out pretty well so far.

Oh yeah, I finally got around to opening a new database in HEM also and should now have accurate graphs that aren't missing a ton of hands. This should be a pretty precise graph of the month so far:

After a somewhat stressful work week I was ready to get my drink on this weekend. Friday night involved going over to my friend Dan's place for a going away party as he is leaving in a couple of days for summer employment. I ended up hanging around there for a while and then left to go downtown with Ben and Brandon. We were planning on going to a place called "Library Square" because we knew a few people that were already there but once we arrived there was a massive line-up. One of the girls that we knew there came out to talk to us and showed us her stamp. I suddenly had a stroke of genius and thought that I could replicate the stamp if we could find a sharpy. We hit up a nearby 7-11 and bought a black felt and walked back towards the bar. The three of us drew our best impression of what we thought the stamp looked like on our wrist and I volunteered to go first and try to fool the bouncer. I walked up to the line and took out my phone and pretended that I was talking to someone to make it look like I had just left the club to make a call. The bouncer opened the rope to let someone out and I tried to walk in simultaneously while flashing my wrist to the guy. The conversation went like this:

Bouncer: "Wait a minute, let me see that stamp again."
*I show him again*
"I don't know about that. Bouncer #2, hey Bouncer #2! Come and look at this stamp. Is it real?"
Bouncer #2: "I dunno"
Bouncer: "Ok, well how much is cover tonight?"
*I don't have a fing clue*
Me: "Ten bucks"
Bouncer: "No!"
Me: "Yeah, I paid $10 earlier."
Bouncer: "No, cover is $12."
*I try to convince the bouncer that I paid $10 for cover 2 hours ago but he isn't having any of it so I turn and walk away. Fail.*

After we couldn't get into L.Square we ended up going to a couple of places down granville. I'm pretty sure we went into a strip club at one point but Ben was too cheap to pay $10 cover...I don't ever want to hear that I'm the cheap one again, though I didn't care at all and hate strip clubs to begin with. We spent most of the remainder of the night at an Irish bar and it was relatively uneventful. When we arrived the three of us went up to an empty table and were approached by 3 girls claiming that they already had the table reserved. I told them "no problem" and started to walk away when they said that they were "just joking" and wanted to share it with us. Nothing developed though. Fail #2.

I went out with Brandon again tonight to the Lamplighter where we were meeting a group of about 15 people and I had only previously met 3-5 of them. I like the venue at the Lamplighter, although it is a bit cramped, and I ended up talking to one of the girls in the group for quite a long time. It was a difficult task because it was incredibly loud in there but she was very nice and down to earth...though i wasn't overly attracted to her. Brandon and I spent several hours in the bar before texting our friend Ryan, who was at a nearby club, to see how his night was going. He told us that we should come and meet up with him so we bailed on the L.L. and walked down the street to meet him. He was hanging out with three girls, one of which I've met before and two that I've never seen. It turned out to be a pretty perfect arrangement...I had a great conversation with one of the girls before we all headed to the dance floor and kind of paired off and threw some shapes and got our grind on. I ended up getting the number of the girl that I was talking to so hopefully I see her again soon because I had a great time.

The most impressive accomplishment of the night would have to be me writing this blog right now, while quite boozy, with minimal grammatical and spelling mistakes!

gl at the tables!

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