Subscriber Benefits
  • Access to Archived Streams: Not around while I'm streaming? Would rather do something else and watch later? As a subscriber you'll have the ability to watch all of my streams on your own time at your own convenience.
  • Personal Poker Coaching Opportunities: As you can see on the schedule, every week I'll be reviewing the play of select subscribers. If you'd like to be featured on "Subscriber Sunday," message me on twitch or my facebook page and we'll arrange for you to either record some footage of your play (45 mins - 1 hour) for me to review on stream or for you to send me X number of hands to review instead :). 
  • Chat Priority: Subscriber questions will take priority in the chat. Obviously this will be within reason...I'm not just going to ignore everyone else in the chat and answer 100 questions from the same person but Subs will carry a VIP-like status. As my following grows, I will likely do some streams with subscriber-only chat as well.
  • Exclusive Home Games: I plan on running 1 home game each month for subscribers with a small prize up for grabs (TBD-I wouldn't get too excited about the prize :/, I want the HG to generally just be for fun and to evoke a sense of community. I'm thinking along the lines of freeroll tickets and small percentages of myself in tournaments to sweat). 
  • Subscribers Are Excluded From "Slow Mode": "While Slow Mode is active in your chat, non-subscribers must wait a number of seconds between messages..."
  • Chat Emotes

 f012NA = Nit Alert!
f012SI = Ship It!

 f012SH = Sub Hype!
f012GT = Garbage Truck!

  • Custom Chat Badge:

  • Sporadic sub-only promotions such as freerolls for real money, tournament tickets or a percentage of my action in various tournaments.
  • Supporting Me: Everyone who watches the channel, follows and subscribes is supporting me in a tremendous way. It requires a lot of time and effort to stream on a regular basis and financially speaking, it costs me a lot of money to be on stream and away from my regular grind. Hanging out, chatting and making the stream as interactive as possible is a great way to support what I'm hoping to accomplish by streaming (expanding my audience and interacting with the great following that I already have) and subscribing just helps me out that much more. Hope to see you on my channel!


  1. I would like to subscribe, but can't figure out how?? I feel dumb, am I missing something here? Any help would be great. TY, SKILLZ

  2. I figured it out. You have to subscribe to the Email Subscription to become a member. Hope this helps 😎