Monday, March 16, 2015

Announcement! Win Your Millions Main Event Ticket

The Micro Millions is back again starting on March 19th and once again, I've got your Main Event tickets! I'll be holding last longer competitions out of my facebook page for various events and the winner of each last longer will score themselves a free ticket to the $22 Main Event on March 29th.

Details of the last longer contests are as follows:
  • There will be 5 last longer events spread out over the series. 
  • Registration for each last longer will take place on my facebook page: FACEBOOK
  • Registration for each last longer will open approximately 1 day prior to the event
  • To register, all you'll have to do is leave your Stars ID in the comments of the registration post
  • The winner of each last longer will win a $22 Main Event ticket!
  • *If I win any of the last longers, I'll run a free tournament from my Home Games and use the ticket(s) as a prize*
That's all there is to it! This promo has been a lot of fun in the past so especially if you're going to be playing a bunch of Micro Millions events anyways, join in for the chance at a free Main Event ticket and some extra motivation to make a deep run in the tourney.

I'm always excited to play the Micro Millions series and to try and make a run at the leaderboard. The prizes for doing well on the leaderboard are as follows:

I ended up falling just outside of the top 100 at the end of the last series so hopefully I can improve on that this time around and have something tangible to show for my sacrifice of sleep :)

I'm personally extra excited for the series this time around though because with my twitch channel up and running, I'm going to be streaming the series around the clock and have daily updates on how the leaderboard adventure is going. Come on out and sweat me in the MTTs and maybe I can make a deep run or two and navigate my way through these massive fields!

You can tune into the live streams at TWITCH

gl at the tables!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Giving Away 31% of my action in the 9M Sunday Million (March 15)

Hey everyone! As per the title, I'm involved in a promotion for the big upcoming 9 million Gtd. Sunday Million. It's basically free value if you were planning on trying to satellite into the Sunday Million yourself anyways. The details are as follows:

Simple as that. gl at the tables!