Thursday, November 24, 2011

PokerSchoolOnline Videos

Hey guys, I'm currently in the process of making a 2-part video mini-series about full-ring cash games for PokerSchoolOnline...which kinda made me realise that I never really brought to attention the two videos that I've already contributed to the website. Maybe you've already found them by now anyways but if you haven't and are interested in viewing them, go ahead and take a look (I've also added the links to the sidebar on the blog):

Both vids are strategy videos for 100nl full-ring cash. I used two different formats for each the first, I'm speaking "live" in the sense that I recorded the audio and footage simultaneously. In the second video, I recorded a session and then went back to add the audio. The first video has around 2,000 views and the second about half of that (was released later). I actually like the second video much better than the first, probably because I could explain my thought process in a more drawn-out manner and there were several interesting spots that came up during play. Anyways, take a look at both of them and I'm sure you'll get something out of it. Also, there are several other videos posted at by other members of Team Online and PokerStars Pro to view as well and I think you only need like 150VPP's to see everything. Oh yeah, everything's free as well. I'm not trying to sell you something, lol.

I'll keep you posted about the release of my current project that I'm working on. The focus is going to be around "the essentials for mass multi-tabling full-ring cash games." I'm looking to have it finished before Dec.15 so I would assume it will be released shortly after that...

gl at the tables, let me know what you think about the vids!


  1. alright mate

    any idea when that pokerstars documentary about you is getting relesed?

    I see they have just relesed one about "Talonchick" from Canada, is yours next?

  2. RELEASED, my spelling is shite!!!!

  3. Nice thought processes in both vids Frosty..!!

  4. Great video Frosty!!! Thanks for posterizing me KK<77. I stacked off intentionally just to make you look GOOOOOOOOOD.

  5. Hey Rossi, as I mentioned in a previous comment..."I haven't heard anything official...there was talk about Talonchick's vid coming out at the beginning of October and then mine in November but obviously things have been delayed a bit. I would assume it'll be the next Team Online video to roll out but I'm not too sure when that'll be...I'd guess a month or two."

    I'll keep you guys posted when I hear more! Thx for keepin' an interest

    Thx Rosh!

    Johnny: lol, over the last three months I'm pretty sure it's a profitable play to open shove ATC against me pre-flop the way I'm running. I could post a dozen bad beats from my session today alone yet I still profited 4 buy-ins because people are bad enough to stack off to me drawing dead. You took the absolute worst line possible with 77 there and got there, so I hope you aren't joking with your reasoning :) Either way, I couldn't really give a sh*t. GL, it's all good!

  6. Can you post your videos on your blog?