Sunday, November 27, 2011


Just a quick shout out to everyone that's doing Movember this year. If you live under a rock and are not aware of what Movember is or why 80% of the male population suddenly has dirty 'staches on their faces you can get all of the details here:

I'm not sure how many people actually go as far as collecting pledges for growing the mustache...hopefully a lot do, although I'm pretty sure for most guys Movember is just an excuse to see if they can in fact grow a mustache. Shamefully, I fall into this second category since I never even really planned on doing Movember this year and just made a late decision 1 week into the month to not shave and see what happens. I'm in a pool with a few guys for motivation...losers have to ship the winners 20 whole loonies. At the very least, I'd like to think that we're helping raise awareness for prostate cancer even though we're not raising any money. Only 1 person has quit thus far, so maybe he can just send the money to charity instead.

As it turns out, I cannot really grow much of a mustache. It's very thin and patchy and looks pretty greasy. Thankfully most of my friends aren't fairing much better than me either.

One guy said it best, "November is the best month of the year to pick up chics because our competition looks like that!" as he pointed to some dude with an ugly 'stache. I've been surprised that some girls have still talked to me out at bars and clubs...though it's more than likely that my mustache is invisible in poorly lit rooms.

Here are a couple of pics-just because you asked Rosh...try not to get too excited buddy ;/

Anyone else eagerly looking forward to Dec. 1 lol??


  1. 21 Days growth, lol. When puberty kicks in you're gonna be dangerous..!!

  2. hahahahahaha very funny rosh but seriously 21 days where is all the hair frosty?

  3. lol...not sure why I'm saying this but it's more like 27 days growth. I don't think I was very clear in my post but I have not shaved the 'stache at all in November.

    It's called super advanced genetics my friends, while you hairy apes need your facial hair to survive in the cold jungle, me and my thin mustache thrive indoors! That, or puberty is right around the corner...

  4. Tyler Frost.............. 1970's porno movie star!

  5. Nice work fellow 'tache man. It inspired a blogpost of my own. SPAM: