Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Every Day Is Exactly The Same (November Review)

Bleh, chalk up November as the third lame month in a row for me now. While it's a bit frustrating, It's hard to get overly discouraged about how things went this month considering that I think my volume in November turned out to be the lowest of the year (besides January). Aside from the fact that I never really gave myself much of a chance to catch a heater or turn things around, the hands that I did manage to log also saw me run way below expectation. Anyways, the breakeven stretch continues, weeeeeeeee!


$227 Table Winnings
$2,000 FPP Value

$2,227 USD

Obviously a very LOL total but I also made some decent money from my salary and I'm close enough to the 500K milestone that I coulda fudged the total if I really wanted to :) but I'll save it for December!

Away from the felt, November was a pretty social month with plenty of outings. My new roommate Mark and I went out quite a few nights and even managed to simultaneously bring home a couple of gals after enticing them with Delissio pizza (new pickup line added to teh arsenal if TV line fails). I'm pretty sure that judging by the quality of girls that I hit on when hammered the pizza line will sadly be much more effective LOL. It was great though, I first offered if the girls would like to split a cab with us and as they were hesitating Mark piped up about the pizza and BAM, they were sold. We returned home and Mark threw the pizza in the oven, which we ate a few minutes later after it came out black on the bottom. Nobody cared. I turned the TV on and sat next to my girl. The next thing I know, Mark's girl comes out of his room wearing his sweat pants and his hoodie. Mark comes out afterwards and hands her a brand new, UNOPENED tooth brush that he claims he just "had lying around." I'm not sure how the girl wasn't petrified or turned off by the fact that Mark appeared to have the one night sleepover down to a science but the next thing I know they're brushing their teeth side by side in our bathroom! Shortly thereafter, Mark grabs her hand, leads her to his bedroom, closes the door and I don't see him till morning. At this point, it's about 3:30 in the morning and I look over at my girl and see her sprawled out on the couch. She has a pretty decent body but has been a pretty big tease and seems to like playing games with me up to this point so I don't really know what's going through her head (example. At the club, for reasons that are still not clear to me, I walked up to her from behind and slapped her on the ass at one point. She really takes offense to this so I apologize but she is still fired up. I concede that I have screwed myself over here, apologize once again and then leave. 5 minutes later she sees that I'm actually not going to approach her again so she comes over and sits next to me and starts chatting again.lol.). I tell her that I'm really tired and that she should come sleep with me instead of on the couch. She says that she's not going to have sex with me, I say that's fine we should just cuddle...blah blah this goes on for a while until she seems unwilling to cave. Now I'm really tired and even though I figure she's still playing games am not going to force her to do anything obv so I give up, throw her a sleeping bag and jump in my bed and start to fall asleep. 30 seconds later she comes into my room and says it's "cold" out there and wants to sleep with me. lolz, crazy fkn girls. I'm actually more angry and tired with her at this point than in the mood for anything and pass out very quickly. I wake up in the morning cuddling her and am no longer tired and angry. She continues with her story that she doesn't sleep with guys she just meets and then decides to tease me for a couple hours, telling me all kinds of personal sexual secrets, showing me her panties etc. She then asks me if I have some paper and a pen to do her "morning diary." I tell her straight up that I think she's crazy but to knock herself out and that there's some paper on my desk. I ask her what she's writing about and she tells me that she's writing about all the things she wishes I would do to her! lol I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. I tell her to show me the list and I'll do my very best! Still no go. By now I see that things are pointless and can hear Mark banging around the kitchen so I get up for some breakfast. He's got a big stupid smile on his face, which adds to my frustration. The girls leave shortly after-we trade phone numbers because it seems to be the decent thing to do. My girl acts as though she doesn't want my number at all and has since been texting me regularly. lol, I'm pretty much over meeting girls in clubs + one night stands in general...time to take a spin class or something.

December's going to be an action packed month for the first 15 days. As it stands, my tentative plan is to earn just over 50K VPP's in this time frame, which will clear most of my salary for the year and overshoot the 500K milestone bonus by a bit. It will look like I will be ending the year with about 500K VPP's (half of my volume from last year) and 120K +salary in profits. In my mind, I'm already planning towards 2012 and will be looking to wrap up what has been a profitable but unstructured year by Dec. 15. After Dec. 15, I will turn my focus to some poker-related ideas that I have (will talk about more later, no point now as I only have ideas lol) and I will take some time off for the holidays!

Aside from completing my video series that I talked about earlier in my blog by Dec. 15, I will also be doing a short review of "How I Made My First Million From Poker," by Tri "Slowhabit" Nguyen:

To be honest, I don't think that I've ever read a single book about poker before...this isn't because I think that I don't need to or that I can't be bothered to do so, it's mostly because I don't think that there is very much good material that's catered to online play or the modern poker player. I could be wrong, as I haven't really done a whole lot of searching but from what I've seen there seem to be a lot of people that are better salesmen than poker players. Anyways, this book caught my interest so I'll let you know if I think it's worth if for you guys to pick up!

Hope you all had a good November and here's to a good December!

gl at the tables.


  1. women are fucking wierd mate. I have often said that if us blokes didnt have a cock & bollocks and the need/urge to shag everything in a skirt, we wouldnt even talk/associate with the crazy bitches.

    We would just ignore them and hang out with our mates playing poker/drinking and watching sports....sounds great LOL.

    I have told you before mate (ROSSI'S TOP TIPS), treat the biatches mean and dont give a fuck if if you pull/shag or not. Like you saw when you fucked that girl off she was all of a sudden more interested.

    Out myself on Friday on a big crimbo doo from work. 1.30pm start straight through to about 4am...get in!!! It usually starts with about 30 people and ends up about 4 of us die-hards left!!! Obviously i put my own top tips to good use!!!!

  2. Hey Frosty !

    Can't you post your pokerschoolonline videos on your blog for all the Americans, French, Italians, Belgians that can't have access to pokerstars.com ?

  3. LOL I know, I know...I forgot my Rossi Top Tips handbook at home on this particular outing...when will I learn?! Also, you may need to start including "Rossi Translations" at the bottom of each of your comments so the casual reader understands what a "big crimbo doo" is haha.

    As for posting the videos on the blog...I'll send an email and ask about it but my guess would be that PokerStars wouldn't want me posting the vids here becuase they'd want people to sign up for PokerSchoolOnline etc. but I'll find out and let you guys know...that sucks that you can't view it on the site!

  4. It would be great Frosty! I'm an italian player on ps.it and I can't find a way to download your videos from pokerschool.com because in Italy we have intellipoker.it and it's impossible to access pokerschool.com for us.

    Thanks and gl!!!

  5. hey mate...can u tell me what things to look at for selecting a good table..i mean in terms of avg pot size and plrs/flop %..what numbers wud u suggest..??

  6. Ehh I don't put too much thought behind all of the stats in the lobby while selecting a table. All I do is make sure that the highest Plrs/flop % is at the top and start picking tables from there. The thing is, it's kind of hard to put very much weight even into that stat because it's going to be so heavily influenced by how many players are at the table (for example when a table starts and there are two-four players the % will be likely be higher even if they're all regs).

    The best advice that I can give is to use the colour-code notes for the regulars and quickly highlight a table in the lobby and see how many regs are at the table. For example, if I see a table with 8 green guys, I ain't sittin!

  7. Usually green means go and red means danger.
    So logically green should be for fish and red for regs.
    What's was your thought process when you decided to do the opposite ?