Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nearing the End...

...of VPP's needed to reach SNE and probably my bankroll. These last few days have been pathetic at the poker tables. I've played nearly 100K hands in my last 4 sessions alone and two of them have been losing days of epic porportions. I am almost definitely going to lose money this month even after rakeback (although I only have 4K in bonuses this month) as I am running the worst that I have all year and it is impossible to play well while 30+ tabling for the amount of time that I've been doing. I am out $4K in EV this month and could not be hating poker anymore at the moment. People have been complaining about the game quality sucking all month but by adding some 6max tables into my sessions I have found countless weak tables...and ran like sh*t against every single drooler out there.

I hate to do it but in the state that I'm in I'm going to have to take on a minimizing losses approach for the next couple of days. I'm going to make sure that I only play almost exlusivley 200nl 50bb tables with no more than 5 tables from higher limits and no 6max.

I really can't wait for this year to be over so I can get back to playing more proitable sessions. Currenlty, I'm playing at terrible tables during terrible hours because I don't have any other choise. In the new year, I'll be able to play longer sessions on the better weekdays (and take the terrible days off entirely) and be able to play much fewer tables so my concentration and focus will be better. As for the next couple of days, It's frusterating but I'll try not to care about the results too much....17K VPP's to go and I've made it.


  1. Keep at it mate, it's going to be worth it for the rewards next year! Only three days of shit to put up with!

  2. your mission cannot fail, there's no other way. Happy grinding!

  3. Remember you get 20k for hitting 1 million VPPs whether its through tournaments or cash so hopefully that will make your month profitable