Wednesday, December 22, 2010

40-Tabling My Way to SNE?

Hey guys...quick update on the SNE front. I just put in a massive 12 hour session (no breaks) and played 25,551K hands earning 11.5K VPPs and earned $148.90 lol. There has been recent talk of a glitch in the PokerStars software that allows you to play more than 24 tables at a time (the current allowed maximum) but up until today I have never experienced such a glitch. However, during my session today, I unintentionally sat at more than 24 tables before noticing what was going on. I think that in general, being allowed to play more than 24 tables is a terrible idea because it will deteriorate the game quality even further since the only players that will play more than 24 tables will be regulars and then the same amount of recreational players will be spread amongst more reg-infested tables. I hope this glitch gets fixed (it seems random tables are "broken" and will allow you to sit on them even if you have 24 tables running while some tables will still kick you off) but in the meantime playing extra tables is definitely a nice way to speed up that SNE grind!

I have no idea what my table limit would be if I was allowed to play as many tables as I wanted. Today, after becoming aware of the glitch, I started adding more tables until I got up to 30. I found that 30 tables was pretty much the same as 24 so I moved to 35. At 35 I still wasn't having many issues keeping up with the action so I added more until I got to 40 something. For most of my session, I was playing 35-42 tables and did this for 12 hours straight. I don't think that I would ever play more than 45 tables and I feel that my game is definitely hurting at 30+ tables because it becomes hard to pay attention to little details. Actually, my game is probably hurting even at 24 tables but I just haven't fully realized it yet.

Anyways, playing 12 hours straight is ridiculously stupid and although I felt pretty focused throughout the session I'm never doing it again (I hope). It's obviously not healthy and is pretty mentally draining. For me, this week is crunch time for SNE so I'm at least giving it my all and don't plan on failing...I also wanted to get poker done with for the day because a bunch of my friends are back in town for Christmas. I actually met up with most of them last night and had an awesome reunion by going out to all-you-can-eat Sushi and then had some drinks back at one of my friends place. Tonight I'll be going back to my hometown again to see everybody else to watch the hockey game and who knows, maybe even play some poker!

Here's the graph from my session today:

48.1K VPP's to go, one timmmmmmmmme deala!

gl at the tables!


  1. Just in case we DO play poker, I'll be sure to update everyone on the actual results, as frosty012 likely won't tell you all about it if he doesn't do very well lol...

  2. maybe they should make the 40 tabling glitch an actual feature - and only extend that privilege to SNEs. Would that be a bad thing still?

  3. 42 tables? Jesus Christ! I'd have had a seizure after 1.2 hours never mind 12!

    Best of luck getting to SNE!

  4. I think the "glitch" might not be an accident.. just a gift to peeps trying to grind out those last few vpps.

    I was grinding a month or so ago and at the end of the session realized I was doing 2300hands/hr.. I was like wtf then "discovered" I had been 30 tabling lol

    Guess my secret is not longer secret lol