Thursday, July 3, 2014

Slow and Steady-2014 June Review

June is in the books and the month really flew by! It's been especially busy over the last week or so because I'm currently in the process of helping my gf move into my place, as she's recently sold her place that was a couple of blocks away and we've decided to live together. We've been together for over a couple of years now so it's a nice step to take and the timing of the sale is good as well because my current roommate is moving abroad for a while starting in a couple of weeks. I'm excited to make some changes to my place, such as turning the 2nd bedroom into an office, buying some new furniture/tables, painting the walls and I've already ordered a brand new king size bed that I'm stoked on. Right now though, my apartment looks like a public storage locker with boxes piled everywhere and excess furniture scattered around each room. Moving sucks but once things settle down in the end, things will be great.

Things went fine on the poker front in June. I was playing 200nl normal tables (both FR and 6-max) for most of the month and things were moving along swimmingly. Unfortunately, as you can see on the graph, I hit a train wreck day where I lost somewhere around 10 buy-ins to knock down my upward momentum. It was just one of those days where variance was against me...pretty much lost every all-in, ran into the top of villain's range etc. Anyways, after that I decided to just play some zoom to cap off the month since I wasn't getting as many hands as I would have liked at the normal tables anyways. As you can see, it ended up being pretty uneventful as I went up and down in minor fashion (looks like I ran kinda bad in terms of EV just looking at that graph) and ended the month up about $5.3k.

Here's the breakdown by stakes. It looks like I lost pretty much everywhere at first glance but consider the sample size :) (think that 1 cent/2 cent was just HUD testing). So almost 75% of my volume was at 200nl normal tables and I ended up winning at 4.05bb/100, which I think is pretty good considering that I was "mass tabling" most of the time. I put "mass tabling" in quotation marks because it rarely was 20+ due to limited games running. That will factor into what games I play in July but more on that in a sec. June breakdown:


$5,301 Table Winnings
$1,970 FPP value
$7,271 USD

Once I factor in some salary and the US exchange rate I'm looking at my 2nd 5-figure month in a row, which I will pretty much always be happy with :)

What I'm not so happy with though is my VPP count, which is sitting around 165K. As ridiculous as it sounds I'm actually not giving up on SNE and think that I can still make it. I'm not sure if I've ever been so undecided as to what games I want to play though. What I'm leaning towards at the moment is actually something that will be pretty fun/outrageous. I'm thinking about playing 8 tables of 100nl zoom (FR+6max) and then every time I win $1k I'll just take a 2 buy-in shot at 500nl zoom and see what happens. It's not so much a desperation attempt as it is something to help me stay motivated to grind everyday. But yeah who knows, I could get sick of zoom pretty quickly and then I'll have to make a solid attempt to increase my hours at the normal tables, which I feel more comfortable at overall. Anyways, I'm going to try and make July more about the VPPs than I have in previous months so we'll see what happens.

Other than poker and the move things are good. The weather's been fantastic recently so hopefully that continues, even if I'll be stuck inside working for most of the day. I did the Grouse grind on Canada day and had a BBQ afterwards in the evening. We played some self-invented baseball-hockey pool game that could quickly catch on as the nation's next big sport!

Alright, that's all for now but stay tuned for some promo stuff in the near future and some more YouTube vids.

gl at the tables!


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