Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Micro Millions Last Longers Are Back!

Back by popular demand, I will once again be runnning last longer events out of my facebook page over the first 7 days of the Micro Millions series (July 17-27). I will pick one event per day off the MM schedule and whoever signs up (free to join!) and outlasts the other contestants will win a ticket to the MM Main Event! Everyone seemed to have a good time being involved in these last time and I think that it's a good way to help motivate each other to go deeper into the tournaments.

I figured that I'd kick things off with the very first event, 001-$0.11+R Hyper Active. I'll make a new post on my facebook page announcing the official sign up details where you'll just have to leave your Stars ID in the comments to be registered. Also, I'm going to limit each winner to a 1-ticket maximum to spread the prizes around as much as possible :)

Anyways, I always get pretty excited for the Micro Millions series and will once again be trying to play all of the events (at least at the start) and make a run for the top of the leaderboard! I haven't been too successful in the past but 3rd? time's the charm!

I wanted to keep this post on topic about the MM so I'll talk more about how my month has been going both on and off the tables in another post when I get some time in the future. The cliffs are that it has been going pretty awful on the tables due in large part to me experimenting with a bunch of stuff. You might have seen me at the PLO tables at various stakes and wonder wtf is going on. I'm also wondering that. Haha but I actually am working on a plan to achieve SNE it may be through PLO but it may not we'll see how some stuff including aggressive shot taking works out. Like I said I didn't want to dive too far into this yet but I'll try and be less cryptic in my next post and be more detailed about what I've been dealing with at the tables this month.

I'm also back teaching at PokerSchoolOnline for the Sunday Special (July 20th) so come on out if you want to discuss some NLHE strategy in depth!

Alright, I hope to see you guys signed up for some last longers and enjoy the Micro Millions.

gl at the tables!

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