Sunday, July 27, 2014

Micro Millions Aftermath

So the Micro Millions came to an end today and as is fitting with the rest of the month, things ended in disappointment for my top 10 leader board quest. This was my best attempt at doing well on the leader board though and if I didn't register my highest point total throughout a given MM series, it was only because I stopped playing most of the events on the final 2 days once things were out of reach. I knew that reaching the top 10 would be a tall order and in hindsight it looks like you needed about 400 points to get there...that's averaging about 35 points per day. Over the first 3 days, I managed to hit 20, 20, 45 points with my deepest run coming in an $8.8 NLHE. Unfortunately, day 4 hurt a lot as it was brick city and I put up a whopping 0 points for the day. I didn't give up there though since 1 final table could have put me not only back in the game but ahead of it. I was pretty consistent over the next 4 days posting 20, 25, 15 and 30 points respectively. It was enough to hang on and stay in the hunt in hopes of breaking through for that really big day (don't even need to final table, just make a few deep runs really). Alas, it was not meant to be as the next day was another big doughnut and at that point there was almost no shot at making the top 10 so I called it quits. I still wanted to make the top 100 but I wasn't going to stay up playing around the clock just for the prize of 1 Sunday Million ticket. I also figured that I would have a decent enough shot at still making the top 100 if I just played events during the day alongside my cash game grind. It looked like I needed more than a decent enough shot to crack the top 100 though because I fell short of that too and landed in the top 200 instead. I ended up missing more events than I would have liked over the last 2 days (some just by accident/not noting how much late registration was allowed) and didn't really give myself a great shot at making the top 100.

In total, I played 73 events and posted a loss of about $183. It's hard to post a profit in MTTs without any Final Tables, even in micro-stakes games. I mean I ended up finishing in the top 100 in the $8.8 NLHE (deep run that I mentioned earlier) and first place paid almost $7k. I took a bad beat to bust and cashed for about $96, my highest score of the series. Anyways, I think that I ran pretty decent throughout the series overall but in the end the run-good was just too inconsistent and lacking in the pivital moments.

Highlights of the series for me included making a deep run in a $3.3 heads-up event, where I won something like 6 rounds before busting and a 6-max shootout event where I won my first table. I also enjoyed going crazy in a 10 cent rebuy and built a monster stack during the rebuy period and ended up cashing for some points later on. All in all, it was a fun series and even though it was tough playing so many events around the clock, I really enjoyed the challenge and already look forward to the next series!

The last longer promotion that I was running out of my facebook page was another big success! Thanks to everyone for participating and hopefully the winners were able to grab some cash from the Main Event (I heard that one person cashed for $127!).

I just wanted to keep this post breif and about the MM series, as I'll dive into more detail about how July has gone for me on and off the of the tables in the monthly review. Cliffs are that it's been pretty disastrous on the felt for a variety of reasons and I'm just trying to chip away at a sizable deficit at this point. No chance of getting into the black pre-rakeback I'll say that much lol.

gl at the tables!


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