Tuesday, September 27, 2011

WCOOP Wrap Up + Photo Shoot

Well I received an email today with the copies of the pictures from my photo shoot that I did back in August. After standing in front of the camera for nearly 4 hours, we managed to crank out almost 300 pics! The pictures are going to be used for personal banners and team online promo stuff in the future but I figured that I'd share a few right now...

I'll start with the pic above. I threw up a couple of pics on facebook for my friends to see and some of them just lost their sh*t over this picture...like thought it was the funniest thing they have ever seen. Granted, the hat is something that I'd never usually wear, it's obviously amazing and my friends have no style. People have taken it as far as saying they're actually going to blow up giant posters and make up T-shirts with this pic on it to wear out to a bar. Also, FIVE people have actually made this picture their profile pic, no joke. Lol, after checking FB just now, make that 6. Whateva, thx for the publicity I guess!

This next picture is special only because I left that shirt at the photographers house and will likely never see it again :( It's too bad too since that was one of my favorite shirts (all I usually wear is American Apparel T's and this colour of the rainbow will be greatly missed)...the photographer said that he'd drop it off for me the next time that he was in my area but I'd say the chances of that happening anytime soon are slim to none. I'd go back and get it but it would probably cost me more money in gas than it would to buy a new shirt.

This last picture took me forever to pull off...just in case anyone is ever asked to carelessly shoot out a deck of cards in front of them, be warned that it isn't so easy. It took a lot of practice for me to even correctly shoot the deck of cards out in front of me, let alone get the timing down with the camera. About 50 takes later and a lot of 52 Pickup, I was finally able to nail the shot.

So the WCOOP is now over and I would say that it went alright for me. Nothing amazing but I was far from bricking the series...I cashed for nearly $3100 after spending about $6500 worth of buy-ins (a losing equation had the buy-ins not been compensated by my WCOOP main event ticket + a bit of team online), which resulted in me keeping all of the cashes as profit.

I didn't feel like I played tremendously well in any of the events except for the last one that I played ($500 1R+1A)...I think that I wasn't patient enough in a lot of spots and playing 20+ cash tables simultaneously didn't help my focus. Overall, I'd say that the experience was hopefully more valuable than the sum of money that I made and I look forward to doing much better in the future. As I hinted at, I had a real chance to end the series on a great note in the $500 1R1A until I lost a coinflip with AK vs. JJ right before the money and was left with a 15bb stack and out shortly after (just a min-cash was almost $2k :() but obv that's tournaments.

Sigh, my volume has been just awful this month. I'm sitting at around 17K VPP's and am down about 2.5 buy-ins. At this point, I'll be happy to end the month at 20K VPP's and break-even because I'm going to be insanely busy over the next few days. I have finally come up with an end of the year goal for myself though. I'm looking to end the month right around 400K VPP's for the year and will be looking to make 600K by years end. This will mean that I'll need to average close to 70K VPP's over the next 3 months, which will almost perfectly equate to one $4K bonus each month. I definitely look forward to getting into a productive work routine starting in October!

Part of the reason why I've been unable to grind as hard as I normally do this month is because I've been on the constant house hunt. I've been stuck at home for almost 2 months now and have been looking for a place to live out in Vancouver ever since. Well, my future roommate and I finally nailed a place on the west end of Vancouver in the exact area that we wanted! Let me tell you, it ain't easy to get a landlord to rent to two young guys with abnormal jobs (he's a semi-pro athlete) when places literally go in 1 day throughout these prime living areas. Even though we both have great references, I decided to call up the landlord after the viewing and told him that we'd be willing to pay 1/3rd of the lease all up front in cash. He never actually requested the cash from us when we signed the lease but I bet that phone call certainly put his mind at ease if he was concerned about receiving the money on time.

So that's that. We move in on Saturday and I'm super stoked about it. Living at home temporarily has been fine but a while-it's nice to be able to visit my friends that are still back here and spend more time with the family-but I've found myself driving out to Vancouver so much that a huge portion of my time has been spent in the city anyways. Between visiting a girl that I've been seeing all month and my old uni buddies my gas bill has been through the roof!

There's not a lot of things that I dislike more than moving but this time I'm pretty excited about it. I should be settled in and back at the tables shortly in October and will be ready to grind!

gl at the tables.

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  1. Nice post, I've had a similar months, done two separate house hunts and moved myself so had not time to play, it seems to just take up all your time. Good luck with hitting your volume over the next few months and raking in the bonuses!