Saturday, October 8, 2011

So Long, So Long (SNE Status-September Review)

Coming into September, I had high hopes for having a very profitable month given that I would have around $7000 worth of buy-ins to spend on the WCOOP. Unfortunately, nothing astonishing ever developed from the tournament series and my cash game volume and results suffered as well.

As far as the tournaments were concerned, I don't think that I played too great overall but there's also so much variance in MTT's that I'm mildly satisfied that I won almost $3100, even though I used $6500 worth of buy-ins to do so.

I originally thought that I would be able to put in decent volume at the cash tables throughout September but unfortunately most of my time was preoccupied with moving. Combined with the fact that most of my cash game hours came alongside tournament play, it's not all that alarming to see some crappy results given that my focus was often split between the two different formats. Of course, when you only play 36K hands in a month, you're also more prone to short-term variance and I certainly never caught any type of heater over the duration of the month. Before the last day of grinding in September, I was down about 2.5 buy-ins of 200nl. I really wanted to at least break-even for the month but it didn't look like that was going to happen after I lost a flip at 400nl with AK vs. TT 3 handed almost immediately to set me down about $1K. Thankfully, the games were pretty juicy that day and after grinding for only about 2 hours I had won enough to put me slightly in the black according to HEM (and that's when I quit, although I should have played a little longer because my actual results were -$618!).


-$618.17 Table Losses
+$3,074 Tournament Winnings
+$1,600 FPP Value

$4,056 USD

So a pretty disappointing month, if I really wanted to I could have chosen to include the 400K VPP milestone for September since I'm less than 8K away from it but I may as well save it for October.

Now that the chaotic month that was September is over, I'm really looking forward to October. I'm now settled into my new place in Vancouver and aside from a couple of things that I still need for the place, everything is really coming together. Thanks in part to my new roommate Mark, we scored a beauty couch for $50 off of craigslist that some couple had to practically give away because they were also moving and had no way to take it with them. He also found some crazy plant lady that grows indoor plants as a hobby and sold us 6 for like $25. I have a new grind station set up that is very comfortable and now that I have minimal distractions I plan on cranking out some decent volume over the rest of the month (aiming for 60K VPP's). Unfortuantely, I no longer have SNE status so I'm going to have to grind more if I'm going to knock off a $4K bonus each month. Fortuantely, I plan on hitting 600K VPP's by years end, which will almost equate to a $4K bonus each month over the next three months.

I also just commited to a 1-year membership at Steve Nash Fitness World yesterday. Well, technically I signed a contract for 15 months but if you're willing to pre-pay you essentially get 3 months free at the end of the deal (cost is pretty good-$45 a month). There are a few locations around Vancouver and one is like a 5 minute walk from my house. Still, a couple years ago I would have never had the motivation to sign up for any gym membership longer than 1 month but I've been able to work out consistently for about a year now and am pretty confident that I'll easily get my money's worth.

I'm pretty stoked on life right now and am really looking forward to the year ahead of me. I'm living in Kits, so those of you that read my blog that are also locals will know what I mean when I say that the scene around here is pretty ideal for someone in thier twenties. You can't really step outside and go more than 50 feet before seeing a cool bar or a cute girl-2 things that I value highly :)

Staying focused on the month ahead though, I'm planning on beginning the monthly grind tonight since there won't be much going on with most people being home for Thanksgiving weekend. I'll be going to a Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow with my family and then the only other planned distractions for the month will be on my birthday next week (turning 24 on the 12th) and then of course Halloween at the end of October. Look for more frequent blog updates/twitter twats now that I will be back at the office on a regular basis for the first time since July...I'm actually really looking forward to playing.

gl at the tables!

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