Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quick WCOOP Update

So I've played in a few WCOOP events now and have a couple of cashes but nothing extremely significant.

I busted from WCOOP 42 ($1050 NLHE) a short while ago, finishing 207th for $2,207. I was happy with the way that I played and proud of myself for cashing for the first time in a $1k, especially because I was unhappy with how I crippled myself in the last $1k that I played.

I registered for the tournament 1.5 hours late and only missed THREE levels and started with 150bb's lol...that gives you an idea of how slow/good the structure is. I don't mind playing shallow stacked at all but it certainly has a more "cash game" feel when you're not in push/fold mode from the get-go. Anyways, after taking down a few tiny pots I had worked my 15K starting stack to just under 20K when I doubled up with 55 against AKcc on a 852cc flop. I stayed around 45k for what seemed like hours until I got involved in another big pot after getting all of the money in the middle with KK against fellow Team PokerStars Pro AABenjaminAA (my KK vs. his QQ- CO vs. BTN). Thankfully, that hand held and I was in great shape to at least make the money. I really put a lot of pressure on myself to cash in this tourney and although I wouldn't say that I was playing scared by any means, I definitely was taking the more conservative line if I was faced with 2 options (ie. call a raise pre-flop with TT/JJ instead of 3betting intending on getting it in). As it turned out, I whiffed almost every pot that I got involved with anyways and after one hand where I called from the BB with AThh, check-raised a 678hh flop, fired on the 6 turn, then check-folded an off-suit K river, I was left with about 60K approaching the bubble. I was under little pressure around the money bubble, fortunately, as I had at least 40bb's and soon locked up a payday of at least $1765. I hung around a little while after the bubble burst but ultimately busted at level 20 (1250-2500) when I shoved 45K over a big's stack's UTG open with AJo and ran into AK. It was a pretty marginal shove but I had already seen this opponent open and then fold to a short-stack shove and he was quite active so it felt a bit too nitty to fold AJ there, especially since I was well below average to begin with. C'est la vie.

Whew, that tourney was quite exhausting as I was playing for about ten hours (even after being 1.5 hours late!) and I found myself having to shut down my cash tables after about 5 hours to stay focused and relax a bit. Cash games went pretty well today too though and I cranked out about 3K VPP's and a few buy-ins profit. I haven't played very much cash at all this month yet and am about even before rakeback.

I think that I'll be back in action tomorrow for WCOOP 44, the $320 2x NLHE. I still have 3-5 events to play, including 1 more $1K so we'll see what happens.

I'm going to try and get up around 9:30am tomorrow and hit the gym before firing up another session of poker. I tried to get up at 8:30 today to play the $215 WCOOP event as well but after hitting snooze on my iPhone for 2.5 hours (no joke, gotta be some kinda record) that turned out to be a huge fail. I'm telling you, if you want to have some weird crazy dreams, try hitting snooze for a while lol. I have faith that I can be up earlish tomorrow though since I'm about to hit the old hay and it's not even midnight yet. I haven't been getting much sleep this month because I've been spending a lot of time at a new girl's place and she works at 8am, at which point she kicks me out and I drive home with the single goal of not driving off of the road and crashing into anything/anyone. I then nap all day and am wired until 3am, rinse repeat. I don't think this relationship is going very far, however, because she's moving away pretty very likely wouldn't even have begun had I not left my gym sack at her place after the 2nd time we got together and needed to retrieve some valuable items. Meant to be? Who knows.

Some exciting news...I got to see the final cut of my short video (ie. frosty012 version of "I am Nanonoko") and think the guys did an awesome job on it. Still no final word on when it's going to be released but probably in a couple of months. Will keep you posted for those that are interested.

WCOOP going alright for everyone else?

gl at the tables.

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  1. Snooze sleep is awesome, it like being in the twilight zone, I've done about 4 hours but frequently do 1-2 hours lol. It's pointless though b/c you're not getting any rest with it going off all the time.