Friday, March 11, 2011

Interview + Follow Me On Twitter?

Hey everyone, I just created a Twitter account (no I never had one before, lol) and will probably start using it frequently so if ya wanna follow please go right ahead:!/frosty012

On a similar note, I recently did an interview with poker media touching on my poker story, how my year went last year, etc. If you want to check it out, there's a link to it on my Twitter! Thanks guys.


  1. awesome interview man. your are deffinitley an influence in my game although i dont see myself becoming "pro" your story gives me a lot of inspiration to reach for the stars

  2. superb video mate. You come accross really well, very proffessional.

    A lot differant than the hard drinking/partying/man slut we all know!!!!

  3. Thanks for the kind words askillz, gl to ya man!

    Haha Rossi, I have no idea what you're talkin about ;/

  4. just reading back over yr blog mate, yr very first post you say you lost $4k over the summer of 2009 then made 2 changes to yr game and then you won ever since.

    What were those two changes mate?? ( I have played like a cunt this month and waxed half my bankroll lol so need some advice)

  5. Yeah, I'll try and touch on this more when I get around to writing up the 3rd post about my poker story but basically I was doing 2 things wrong:

    1) I was playing everything as a "system." I would only open XX from early position/late position and always fold specific hands to 3bets, play pocket pairs the same way etc. Just a terrible way to play obviously but I thought it would be profitable since I was playing so many tables-nope.

    2) Made some key changes in my bet sizing: When I first started playing I would make it 4x from every position everytime...I changed it to making it 4x from every position except the cutoff/button/sb, in which case I would make it 3x. Today, the raises have gotten smaller on the whole and I tend to make it 3x until I get to the CO and that's when I start min-raising. People are raising smaller than they used to because everyone is figuring out that people are folding at a similar frequency anyways so you can steal for less, maintain pot control etc.

    My advice would be to play some fkn micro MTT's and try and get good at them. Seriously, like I said a couple of posts ago, I played the $8 2R1A for fun and won it in my sleep. The fields are so soft and the payoff is great...use your FPPs to play some satellites to the Sunday 250K then unregister for the T$ and play a bunch of micros that don't have huge fields (like 150-500 people is good). I don't think cash is the way to go until you get like a $2K bankroll and can take advantage of earning a decent amount of VPP's...but either way, you should be able to crush the mircos and build a roll pretty fast so just keep on making adjustments and try new things until something clicks. GL man!

  6. cheers mate, appreciate that you took the time to answer.

    Yeah i noticed the bet sizings have become smaller when watching the $1/$2 games recently. And i have definately been guilty of playing a "system" especially when trying to 24-table!.

    I will look forward to reading part 3 of "the story"