Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Home Game Hilarity

Haha, I recently stumbled upon this thread on pocketfives.com that talks about funny home game experiences. This thread hit pretty close to home for me since when I first began playing poker with my friends I remember some ridiculous stuff occurring and we were definitely not playing by the proper rules of the game. We didn't know what the blinds were so we always used to just ante every hand, we would usually chop the pot if two players had a flush and an "A" was on board etc. I can't remember what other incorrect rulings happened on a nightly basis but looking back on it, I'm almost positive that we were playing our own version of Texas Holdem'. Here are some funny excerpts from the thread:

1. "It was a tournament $15 buy-in. only 5 people and not that im great but i was def the best one there. super super deep but with a time limit of only 4 hrs so it was gonna be all over at 12:30.

There was no timer they just wanted to go up when they felt like it. I.e first level lasted 2 hours. then on a hand i had the nuts i raised the host re-raise i go all in and she said that she was all in. i show her my hand and she said she was just kidding and keeps her chips.

The final thing before i just started to not care was there where 2 people in a pot one with 77 the other with 10 8 the board runs out A J J K K I tell them its a split pot and they argue back that well the one with the 7's is a better hand cause she started with a better hand. So i pretty much dumped my chips and left."

-Sean B

2. "Just after the Moneymaker boom, I was playing in a .25-.50 NL homegame. The hosts were adament that if you went all in or called all in, ALL of your chips were on the line (ie. Player A goes all in for $5 and Player B calls but has $20, Player A can win all of Player B's stack).

I argued that it was beyond retarded to do that, until I wised up and just kept reloading WAY short and started shipping in on everyone who had built up some pretty deep stacks... The hosts changed their "house rule" soon after that."


3. "lol i played in a home cash game one time where there were no all ins... They argued that since people could rebuy and add on at ANY time that it was not possible to be all in ,since you could borrow, or leave if you wanted (according to their rules) to go get more money DURING a hand if you wanted to play a really big pot with a good hand. They also said that if someone put you all in and you didnt have enough chips to call, you had to fold....

none of it made sense so i drank some beers and left."


4. "I played in a weak home game once where I was berated by a player because I shoved on a 4c6h9h board with 102 off on the button and the other player folded. I showed the bluff and the guy that folded went nuts. His argument was, "I had Ace Jack of hearts! I could have made a flush or hit and ace or a jack if you wern't playing like an idiot." I didn't even try to explain.

Later in the game I was holding 9c7s and another played called down with 8hjs on a 4 spade board and the guy that was running the tournament said it was a split pot because the ace of spades was on the board giving us both ace high flushes.

sighaments. Last time I ever played with those guys."


5. "I got an invite back in High School to play with a group of black kids from my class... tiny place, way too many people showed up, lots of conyac and weed.. when I arrived, they were playing a NLHE cash game 15 handed with 2 decks. I left.

I hear a story the next day that "Big Sen" flipped the table because he had 5 aces and lost to 2 royal flushes (chop pot)."


6. "Right after we started getting games together in HS after the boom we had a couple great hands.

#1 Dustin had the around the bend straight. QKA23.

#2 My all time favorite was Jon's full house..........

of suits! Guy didn't have a fucking pair and declared he had a full house."


7. "I played in a home game where the board came 10 J Q K 9 and both players flipped over A8. This was a problem because normally the winner went to the higher kicker (lol). So they ranked the suits club, diamond, heart, spade and if the kicker card from the straight didn't settle it, then the suit would settle it :)"


Lol so how about it, anyone else got some funny home game stories that they want to share??

gl at the tables!


  1. Home games are awesome.

    I remember back in the day a few comical incidents:

    1. People just grabbing mucked cards and turning them over causing a massive ruck about cheatin

    2. One guy kickin off claiming to have 3 Pair on a double paired board with a pair in his hand

    3. One cool rule we had was that the host gets 1 free re-buy or add-on

    4. The best one was when I was at a guys place where the host had no money so his brother gave him the buy-in. He then proceeded to bluff all-in with air, got called and knocked out. Brother goes mad saying he pissed his money away, near punch up occurs, chips flyin everywhere, game gets abandoned. I was happy as I was down initial BI and a re-buy and we all get our monies back, lol. Host then tells everyone to GTFO, haha

    lol, amateur home games....

  2. 2. "Just after the Moneymaker boom, I was playing in a .25-.50 NL homegame. The hosts were adament that if you went all in or called all in, ALL of your chips were on the line (ie. Player A goes all in for $5 and Player B calls but has $20, Player A can win all of Player B's stack).

    SSS ftw!:D

  3. I had an experience abt 5 years where I was playing and c/r the host in a tournament. I was then told that c/r were not permitted in that game since it was a "friendly game".

  4. Haha, yeah nr.2 is just awesome! :D

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