Monday, December 1, 2014

November Review-Tournaments

So the second last month of the year has now come to a close and it's time to really start working towards those end of year goals for 2014. November ended up being a short month for me at the cash game tables due to a good chunk of time being devoted to the Micro Millions. I was happy with my play in both the MTT and cash game department for the most part but ultimately ended the month with a relatively small profit.

My Micro Millions leader board run ended painfully short of the top 100. Missing out on a Sunday Million ticket isn't really a big deal for me though, I was really aiming for a top 10 or bust finish so I'm not too heartbroken over finishing 110. Like I said, I think my play was pretty solid throughout the series and had I been able to play all of the events and caught a few breaks in some of the tourneys, I think a top 10 finish would be in the realm of possibility. Hopefully I can build on this run in the next series if I choose to participate in it again. Promo-wise, my last longer contests were a success again and I gave away 5 tickets to the Micro Millions Main Event. My social media numbers are up across the board and people seemed to enjoy the contest so thanks for that!

I was hoping my cash game winnings would have trended up over $2k but variance had other plans. I ended up running pretty ugly to close out the month (well, not in terms of EV!) and finished up around 8 buy-ins. All in all, the low volume at the cash game tables has resulted in a meager monthly profit of about $2,400. It might be time to graduate from the micros ;)

Looking ahead to the end of the year, December seems like it will have to be a high volume month for me. I'm sitting on about 250k VPPs and will not settle for missing the 300k milestone bonus! Last year, I ended things on a sour note by missing the 200k bonus due to "having to go on vacation" by a certain date. This year, again I have a vacation planned near the end of the month so I'll have to make sure that I plan my days out properly. I'll be looking to up the hours mostly at 100nl and plan on including more mid-stakes tables in my game selection if things are going decently well. Hopefully I can close out the year on a profitable note and roll over some momentum to 2015. I'll be aiming for nothing less than 6-figures next year.

How's everyone else's year shaping up? Gl with your end of year goals!

gl at the tables!


  1. Hi Frosty, i returned to my online cash games grind on pokerstars this year. I am playing at NL5, with a 45 buy-ins bankroll. Last month I ended up on a major downswing where I lost 6 buy-ins, is this normal? Could happen worse downswings? I certainly have to review my hands but I ended up only 4 buy-ins up last month! Cheers.

  2. Hey man,

    6 buy-in is nothing...I actually laughed a bit when you called that a "major downswing," heh. No disrespect, it's just that 6 buy-in swings are more of a daily occurrence for me :x It could depend on how many tables you play though...I assume you're playing a fair bit since you have 45 buy-ins so don't even sweat it, variance of even upwards of 10-20 buy-ins can get the best of great players. That's not to say that you shouldn't work on your game at all though...especially at 5nl, I would imagine that there are a lot of improvements you could make to beat those limits since higher winrates should be attainable than low-stakes +.

    Keep workin' but don't get discouraged over a small downswing like that! gl :)

  3. thanks Frosty for the replie, you right, 6 buy-ins in nothing, I guess I was tilting a bit in that session and overemphasized the downswing!

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