Thursday, November 13, 2014

Micro Millions Update

So since the start of the series, I've been hitting the Micro Millions hard! I got the initial start date of the series wrong though ended up missing most of the tournaments on day 1. Also, I wasn't really mentally ready for the 11 day grind or even prepared in terms of having groceries or a cleared schedule. I quickly got things sorted out though and have been playing around the clock ever since.

Trying to do well on the overall leaderboard is a serious grind-both mentally and physically. I've been super impressed with myself in terms of my mental game this time around...I've been very patient and have played quite well by my own standards. When I've done this challenge in the past, I found myself making a lot of questionable plays just looking for a quick double up or sleep but this go-around has been much better in terms of not punting off stacks. The physical part of the challenge is still incredibly difficult though because you just get so tired that it gets to the point where you can either ignore your alarm or it just becomes easy to brush off events(for example I'll wake up and go to register on my phone and if it's a format that isn't mobile app compatible, I won't bother getting out of bed and will just skip it).

Anyways, at this point a top 10 finish is completely unrealistic but I'm hoping to finish inside the top 100 and not walk away empty-handed, so to speak. I've racked up quite a few cashes but missing more events than I cared to miss, combined with some unfortunate runbad in important spots has left me sitting just outside the top 100 at the moment. Still, I'd like to see some kind of rewards for my efforts and hey, a $215 ticket ain't too bad!:

I actually just wrapped up Event 071, where I made a pretty deep run and banked another 15 leaderboard points so I should actually be inside the top 100 at the moment. The bustout in this one was pretty unfortunate for me, as I got AA cracked by 33 all-in pre for more than double the average stack with 185 left! Pretty much a beat of 10+ leaderboard points and potentially a lot of money. Stuff like that really makes or brakes a leaderboard quest but that's obv the nature of MTTs so I don't let it bother me too much.

I've been running my last longer promotion out of my facebook page and it's been going well. The final last longer will be tomorrow and then I'll be doing the draw for the 5 Main Event ticket winners after it wraps up. Be sure to check it out if you want in on the action...

Unfortunately, I've been finding it much more difficult than expected to play cash games alongside the MM. The combination of being super tired and needing a nap as soon as I bust the MTT plus not being able to easily start/stop a cash game session has resulted in almost exclusively MTT play. Now that I've lowered the bar from top 10 to top 100, I might be able to skip the night events and play both during the day. Anyways, that's all for now.

Gl to all those that are also grinding it out during the MM, I've had several chats and twitter interactions with a lot of followers so keep it up.

gl at the tables!


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