Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Micro Millions Summary/6 Max Update

The Micro Millions has come to a close and although it was a lot of fun again, I did very poorly in the series this time around. I initially wanted to try and make a run at a top 10 leader board finish and as a result, I ended up playing almost all of the MTTs over the first 3-4 days. Unfortunately, I didn't end up racking up very many cashes over this period of time so the thought of placing high on the overall leader board started to look dim at best. I continued to play most of the events over the next few days to see if I could put some kind of hot streak together but alas, that didn't happen either. I think that my play was fairly decent throughout the series at least and I wrote down a bunch of my bustout hands...lots of bad beats, a decent number of flips and a few spots where I got my money in bad but still feel ok about the situation. All in all, it can be a tall order to land a top 10 spot on the leader board when there's so much variance in each and every MTT...however, on the other hand, variance can also be the beauty of MTT poker and the cause of excitement when things go your way and you make a deep run or tally up a bunch of cashes. I'm already looking forward to the next Micro Millions series so I can try all over again lol.

The Last Longers that I were running out of my facebook page were a big success! Participation was high for each one and when it was all said and done, 8 people were freerolling the Main Event after winning a ticket from these LLs. I think that all of the feedback was entirely positive about this promotion so I'm glad that you guys seemed to have some fun and I'll definitely look into running this promo again, or something similar, possibly for the SCOOP or the next Micro Millions series. Promo-wise, this was also a pretty big success for me and the series I think. I picked up a decent number of fb/twitter followers and saw many tweets and retweets about my last longers with the hashtag #MicroMillions flying around cyberspace-so thx for that!

Cash games at 6-max have not been going well for me this month. I'm not overly discouraged yet because a) I haven't really lost a lot in terms of buy-ins or dollars and b) I'm actually playing EV positive poker so that's all that I can really control and focus on...hopefully the variance evens out sooner rather than later. Here are my results for this month and then since I started my 6-max adventure in the end of February:

As you can see, I'm running about 12.5 buy-ins under EV this month and am close to being out 28 since the end of Feb! That's pretty gross but I also just don't care or put too much emphasis on my results at this point because I know that I'm not playing that well and am still learning the game. I feel like I'm just starting to play fairly well now and am getting used to people's ranges in various spots but still have a lonnnng way to go. It's quite possibly for the better that I stay playing 100nl for a while to get better before tackling higher stakes where the players are much better and the swings will be higher. The thing that I find quite difficult about 6-max is that at 100nl, the player pool is relatively large compared to say 500nl (where you're battling a smaller number of regs over and over) and you're facing so many different regs with different playing styles it can be hard to nail down pre-flop ranges. For example, there are some regs where I'll be wanting to fist-pump 4bet/call AQo in late position because they 5bet shove A9o and seem to basically just be clicking buttons but then there are others where I'll be hesitant to even stack with QQ because they're so tight. I'm not trying to say that 500nl is easier because there are fewer regs lol, just that there are a lot of spots where it can be hard to play based on a small sample size with various opponents.

Anyways, I'm going to continue to work on my game away from the tables by watching some training vids, going over my results etc and most importantly I'm going to keep playing to get more live experience, as this has usually been the best way that I learn in the past. I'm still feeling very driven by the thought of moving up stakes aggressively and am basically planning on making up SNE pace this way as the year unfolds. Who knows though, at any point in time I might just give up on 6-max and go back to full-ring :) We shall see. Grinding zoom is pretty much the nuts though...so easy to start/stop sessions and need to pay 0 attention to the lobby. This is coming from someone who completely table selects when playing normal tables too.

Away from poker, the month has been run and fairly eventful but nothing too crazy has occurred. I'm still nursing my healing ankle but have gone out a few times and it's been a blast. It was my 2nd year anniversary with my gf this past weekend and also her Bday around the same time so we went out for a nice dinner at the Keg to celebrate. I'm going to Mexico for just over a week in April with my gf for a friend's wedding and that should be awesome and something that can't come soon enough...I have a small sweat waiting on my new passport to arrive via mail but it should be here with plenty of time before I leave. I think that it's really nice to have trips planned here and there to use for motivation for playing poker. I'm going to try and log a bunch of hours before I go away because I know that if I'm feeling burnt out that I'll be able to refresh myself on vaca anyways. With that said, time to get to work!

gl at the tables!


  1. Frosty, I really enjoy your blog, I have been reading it for a long time now. I see you don't get many comments, but i'm all the way over here in Australia and I still find it very interesting to read your SNE progress. Keep going hard mate.

    Regards, Eric.

  2. Frosty, good blog! Nice articles. As for me, I take a part in 4 or 5 events in MicroMillions due to a lot of players. So many unadecvative people and as result bad beats e.t.c. I try to get WCOOP challenge ticket thru satellites. Hope to meet you at final table))

  3. Hey boys, thx for the comments.

    I'm quite a bit more spread out than I was in previous years in terms of social interaction...less blog comments seem to be related to an increase of twitter/facebook interaction. Traffic is actually at an all-time high on the blog so I know that you guys are still readin' and curious about my progress, which in turn keeps me motivated to stay writing so thanks for that! I still do appreciate the blog comments though, as blogging has always been where my "home base" has felt even with social media taking over a bigger presence as of late.

    Yeah, whenever you have big (or should I say huge) MTT fields the variance is just going to be that much higher. It's just something that you've gotta accept before you start playing the series...as I said before, it may take much longer to reach a FT but if/when you do the payoffs are going to be that much better. GL in the challenge!