Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Micro Millions 7 Promo!

The Micro Millions series is back on March 13th-23rd and once again I will be playing a significant number of events in order to try and place well on the overall leader board. Despite this being my 3rd time trying to do well on the leader board, I'm not discouraged much at all by my previous two failed attempts. There's always going to be a lot of variance in MTT poker so even if I'm not a top-ranked MTT player, I still feel like I have a decent edge in all of the tournies so we'll see what happens. The last two times that I played the MM series, I've kind of hung around in the hunt a bit for a leader board top 10 finish but ultimately have never got very close. I think that the last two series have been profitable (the last one definitely was, can't totally remember how I did the first time), however, and I did make a really deep run last time in a 6-max event where I eventually finished 36th in a huge field with a first place prize over $15K.

Anyways, what I'm excited to tell y'all about is a pretty sick promotion for you micro grinders that I'll be running throughout most of the series. Basically, what's going to happen is that for certain events I'll be running a freeroll "last longer" from my facebook page. As the name says, it will be totally free to enter and anyone who's playing the event can sign up. If you win the last longer (for those who don't know what a last longer is, it's self-explanatory...everyone joins before the event starts and the person who lasts the longest in that tournament is the winner), you're going to be credited with a Micro Millions Main event ticket! So yeah, no strings attached and zero downside...again, this will be ran from my facebook page and I haven't 100% decided on what events that I'll be doing this for but I will be starting with the very first event of the series. I'll open registration for the last longer 2 hours prior to the first event so keep your eyes on my facebook and twitter if you'd like to join. Hopefully this will be fun and a nice way to keep everyone motivated, including  myself. Oh yeah, if I end up winning the last longer, I'll make sure to give the ticket to someone else ;)

6-Max has a bit frustrating but not too discouraging thus far. I'm trying to win 10 buy-ins before jumping up quickly to take a 5 buy-in shot at 200nl but winning those 10 buy-ins is proving to be no easy feat. As you can see from the graph, I got close pretty early in the month and then swung back down pretty hard and have been on a bit of a break-even roller coaster ever since. I'm becoming more comfortable with my play at least but the variance is fairly high so we'll see how things shape up over the rest of the month. My volume has been pretty unspectacular but I expect that to pick up significantly over the rest of the month, especially since I'll be grinding throughout the Micro Millions series a lot.

I had a doctor's appointment for my ankle recently and was told that I could ditch the crutches and start walking on it a bit but was also told that It's going to take another month+ to be back to where it was. That was a little discouraging but it didn't stop me from going out both Friday and Saturday this weekend! On Friday I went out for dinner with three friends + my gf and after a couple of fish bowl sized drinks, dinner turned into a night out on the dance floor. One of my friends is recently single so I volunteered for wingman duties if called upon. This would later prove costly for me and is probably worth noting that talking to other girls in the presence of your girlfriend is actually not as good of an idea as it might sound. All that happened was that I was doing my thing on the dance floor, in my walking boot (no idea why it's taking my foot so long to heal), and then some girl dropped her drink behind me and it broke. When someone came over to clean up the drink, the girl started jokingly blaming me for causing the mess and then started asking me about my ankle (sympathy time!). She was with some friends and I thought that this would be a great in for my single friend so I started talking to her...sure enough, my friend came over shortly after and started chatting with one of her friends. What a great wingman I am. Unfortunately, my gf didn't see it that way and claimed that this girl was staring at me for a while and then purposely broke her drink to talk to me lol. I mean I know my dance moves are pretty good but even that seems a bit far-fetched. Also, at one point this girl brought out her phone and it looked as if she was giving me her phone number but in actuality she was digging up a picture of her knee that had some stitches in it to show of the more questionable pick-up moves that I've ever encountered. Anyways, the conversation was dragging on for a while so I excused myself to go to the washroom and came back to my gf. All was well (except for my friend, who failed to land any #'s :( ) but I might need to holster these dance moves a bit more in the future. I forgot what kind of affect they can have on the ladies.

I didn't get to work at all on Sunday because I was dealing with an unexpected problem with my apartment. I was sitting down enjoying a nice breakfast when all of a sudden I heard this weird tapping noise and looked over and saw water pouring out of my ceiling! Obviously I panicked and had no idea what to do but I grabbed a bucket and towel and fortunately the leak stopped on it's own. There's wasn't very much water everywhere but there was a hole in my ceiling and the roof was wet in a confined area. There are 2 apartments above me so I went upstairs and told them about it and they said that they had a "leak" in their bathroom, whatever that meant. I called my building manager and they sent a handyman over and basically what had happened was that the people above overflowed their toilet and the water had gotten underneath their baseboards and came down through my ceiling...wonderful. Right now I'm waiting for someone to come back and cut out the rotten parts of my ceiling, make sure everything is clean and fixed and then patch everything back up. The good news is that this won't cost me a dime since it's not my fault but the bad news is that I have no idea how long this will take to get fixed or how distracting it will be to the poker grind. The joys of being a homeowner I guess.

Alright, that's all for now...

gl at the tables!

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