Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fractured Fibula

Well, it turns out that the aftermath of me going into the boards skates first was a fractured right ankle. I was hoping that it was just a sprain but after going in for x-rays it was proven to be worse :( I waited around the hospital for a while and was calm until the doctors casually mentioned that I might need a screw in my ankle, depending on how the x-rays came back. The thought of the screw being drilled into my foot and all the time that it would take to heal was not a pleasant thought but fortunately the x-rays came back kind in the end.

I'm now in a full walking boot and am basically supposed to wear it as a cast (ie. at all times, except when showering) and I also picked up some crutches to keep my weight off of my foot. I'm not sure how long that I'll be off my ankle for but I'd assume at least a month. I've got a first appointment in about a week to see how things are healing. I've never broken anything before, or at least have been aware of it, and I'm quickly learning how much it sucks. Especially breaking an ankle, I'm pretty much unable to go anywhere or do anything. Little things become difficult tasks, such as walking to the kitchen, couch, bathroom etc. and short walks become epic journeys. So far I've made it to the nearby coffee shop a couple of times and a small grocery store several blocks away...that was awful. I'm going to do my best to not become depressed or go crazy from being trapped in my apartment but it's going to be hard. Crossfit, hockey...exercise in general has become such a big part of my life that this is really going to suck!

On the bright side, February should be a very productive month at the tables! I've literally got nothing else to do than play poker and get fat so in the spirit of SNE I expect a heavy grind in February. Because of all of these distractions I'm going to fall well short of my 40K VPP target for January and am now looking to finish around 25k. The month was short anyways though and I was never counting on January for many VPPs. There can be no exceptions in February, however, as I'll need nothing short of 60K to keep me in the race. 2K a day should be doable, especially with the ankle situation and quite frankly I'm ready to get started on my first full grind-month!

As for how things have been going in January...well, I've continued to run poorly overall with the exception of a couple of sessions that just might be holding my month together for me. I haven't checked my results for the most part but have been glancing at a few. I did manage to check a $1,000ish day a couple of days ago so despite being out thousands in EV, I'm hoping to pocket a profit before the month is over pre-rakeback. I feel like I've been playing much, much better as the month has unfolded. I haven't updated the "mistake" thread at all...there have been a few poorly played hands for sure but not really enough hands where it's worth my time to reflect upon them all in the blog. Anyways, It looks like there will be 2 more heavy days on the grind so big swings are still a possibility before the month is over. Tune back in in a couple of days for the monthly review and my results summary...

gl at the tables!


  1. That sucks Tyler but could be worse I guess. Good luck with the February grind!