Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays (December Review)!

Hey everyone, happy holidays! I hope that everyone is relaxing and enjoying some time with the fam.

As I briefly stated in my last post, I wrapped up poker for 2011 on December 15th and have been on vaction ever since...or as my friends would say, doing the same thing that I was doing before. The reason that I stopped on the 15th was simply because I had cleared my last possible milestone bonus(500K) for the year and my Team Online salary as well right around that day. I could have continued to play and earn some more FPPs but without the added incentive of hitting a new milestone bonus combined with the memory of last year's hectic non-stop grind, I chose to chill out for once.

I'll jump right into the numbers for December (all 100nl):


$2,817 Table Winnings
$2,000 FPP Value
$3,200 Milestone Bonus

$7,817 USD

My volume was pretty pinner once again but I felt alright about at least earning some positive table winnings for a change lol. The games seemed pretty good considering that I was expecting the typical December-regfest but 100nl seemed just fine.

Away from the tables, this month has been pretty sweet. Since the 15th, I've been able to fall into a routine that looks something like this:

-Wake up around 10am-12pm
-Whip up a good breakfast
-Lay some micro sports bets on Bwin
-Crush roommate in Madden
-Hit gym
-Sweat sports games at home or nearby bar

It's been tough.

I also met a girl at a Christmas party 1 or 2 weeks ago that I've seen a few times since. I'm not sure if anything long-lasting will transpire...she's like 4 yrs older than me and I'm leaving for a few weeks tomorrow but she seems pretty cool. We first hooked up at the Xmas party in real highschool fashion...first in the coatroom and then after too many people were coming into get their coats we moved to the bathroom...real PG-13 kinda stuff though, nothing serious.

As I just mentioned, I will be out of the country and on the move beginning tomorrow until Jan. 14th. First, I'm leaving on Boxing Day with three friends on what promises to be an epic roadtrip from Vancouver->San Jose->Anaheim->L.A. The premis of the trip is to follow the Vancouver Canucks roadtrip down the coast...we each got three tickets for each game (Sharks,Ducks,Kings) for $150 per person. To put that into perspective, one ticket to a Vancouver home game could cost $150 so watching hockey in the US can be a pretty sweet deal. Of course it's going to cost us $700 in gas to get there but hey, there's going to be a lot more to the roadtrip than just watching hockey. I'll also be in LA for New Year's Eve, so that should be exciting.

After the roadtrip, I'll immediately be jumping on a plane and will be flying down to the Bahamas for the PCA. I'm not going to be playing the Main Event but there's some Team Online promo stuff going on so I'll be around. Should be awesome.

All right, I'm about to head out for a big family Christmas dinner. I'll still be doing a big year in review blog post + my plans and goals for next year. I haven't figured everything out 100% but I know that next year will be a much more focused effort, which means that I'll likely be attempting to repeat SNE or something worthwhile. I'll keep you posted, take it easy.

gl at the tables!


  1. Nice work man! Thanks for getting back to me on 2+2 by the way. And no worries. I'm very jealous about your Canucks roadtrip. Crazy how much cheaper the seats are for games down there. Have fun!

  2. Thank you, thats very interesting information. I need to share with my friends.

  3. how did you buy all those tickets? was it just all individually? or can you get group packs

  4. Are you still going for elite considering the change in the vip programm ?

  5. happy holidays sir,i was just wondering how you think the change in the vip programme will effect you obtaining sne elite(if you decided to go for it again)? Do you think it will actually benifit you or hinder you?Keep up the good work love the blog

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