Sunday, December 18, 2011

10th Anniversary $10M Sunday Million

Hey guys, just a quick reminder about the special Sunday Million today that is awarding at least $2 million to first...should be pretty epic.

In other news, I've finished up with poker for the year (aside from a couple tournaments perhaps!) and am looking forward to relaxing for the holidays. I'll give an update on how December went (poker + life) and then get around to doing the full year in review shortly after.

gl to those playing tomorrow.


  1. you never played in the sunday mill?

  2. Thx Rosh, Happy Holiday bud!

    I ended up not playing the that the final couple of tables are winding down and seeing all that money at stake makes me kinda regret my decision lol. I had some stuff to do and I was planning on seeing my family for dinner but I still decided to play 3 satellites to "justify" playing if I won...I thought that I was going to win all three too after getting pretty big stacks in each of them and then took bad beats in all of them to brick out. That frustration combined with my previous plans was enough to deter me from 1-tabling the 60,000 minefield. Of course, if I was still grinding cash I'd have played but as I mentioned I drew the line for this year at the 15th after I cleared the remainder of my bonuses :)

  3. alirght mate

    all the best for christmas and the new year

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