Tuesday, August 9, 2011

World Championship Of Online Poker 2011

With less than a month before the start of the WCOOP 2011, I got to work today and built my ideal schedule for the series. Assuming that I can trade in my WCOOP Main Event $5,200 ticket that I earned last year for obtaining SNE, I will have $7,030 worth of buy-ins to work with for this year's WCOOP (I had just over $1800 of leftover SCOOP buy-ins to cash in as well).

After printing off and taping together an awkward looking schedule, I pulled out a pen and started circling the events that I wanted to play for sure. My approach was pretty simple...I wanted to diversify as much as possible but I also wanted to play in a lot of events that would normally be outside of my comfort zone in terms of buy-in amount (ie. play in events higher than $215 but stay away from non-NLHE games entirely). Don't get me wrong, I'm still signing up for a bunch of $215 events because they're going to be great value and still have a huge prize pool at the final table. With that in mind, I am planning on playing the following:

WCOOP-01: $215 6-max
WCOOP-03: $215 NLHE
WCOOP-06: $215+R Turbo
WCOOP-09: $1050 NLHE
WCOOP-21: $215 NLHE
WCOOP-22: $530 NLHE
WCOOP-28: $1050 NLHE
WCOOP-40: $215 NLHE
WCOOP-42: $1050 NLHE
WCOOP-44: $320 NLHE 2X
WCOOP-48: $1050 NLHE
WCOOP-52: $320 NLHE
WCOOP-61: $215 NLHE
Total Buy-Ins = $7060 (Assuming $615 for the $200R and only 1 bullet in the $320 2X)

So I managed to make a schedule that fit my budget almost perfectly and I'm really happy with it and super excited to play in all 13 events. I'm mostly excited to be able to play in the $1k's as I'm too much of a nit at heart to ever register for anything higher than a $215 FO on my own dime. When I first started building a bankroll from nothing back in 2007ish, I told myself that one day I would have a big enough bankroll to play the Sunday Million every week if I wanted to. I used to watch the players in the Sunday Majors and especially the Super Tuesday and say to myself "how could anyone ever spend $1,000 on a poker tournament?!" Obviously the same question could be asked about cash game players and now that I've been playing full-time for 1.5 years I definitely understand the mental attitude that goes into playing high buy-in tournaments and cash games. When I play poker now, I still always hate to lose but it's much easier to shake it off knowing that you've really just lost someone else's money...assuming you're a winning player of course. That said, for me it's important to try and find as much consistency as I can each month and that is why I don't like to mix cash games and tournaments even though my bankroll could take probably take it so long as I worked on my tournament game during downswings. I've always wanted to participate in the WCOOP though and once again Supernova Elite has provided me with yet another great fun and hopefully profitable opportunity to do so.

It really was as if this WCOOP schedule was made for me considering that all of the events that I really want to play never land on a Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday lol! My September is pretty much going to be 2-3 days of partying, maybe 1-2 days off/cash games and the rest WCOOP...Can't wait.

I don't have any expectations for the WCOOP as I feel like I'm freerolling the entire thing anyways. I will consider cashing for $7K+ a success, cashing for $2-4K satisfactory, cashing for $1-2K a fail and anything less an epic fail. However, it's not that tough to brick 13 tournaments in a row so we'll see what happens.

In other news, my house-hunt for a new place in September still continues. I've been looking on a daily basis but nothing amazing has been coming up and I'm still remaining quite picky at this point. I've yet to log any hours on PokerStars in August, as anticipated, and will likely get back on the virtual felt early next week. I'm leaving on a fishing trip tomorrow for the weekend with my dad and granddad for some quality time so hopefully the weather will continue to cooperate and we'll catch some dinner.

Anyone else planning on playing any WCOOP events or satellites?

gl at the tables.


  1. Im gonna play in a few of the $200s and 1 of the 300s I think. I cashed last year In a few of the 200s. Ive never actually played a Sunday million and i dont know why....

    Good luck tho mate thats pretty sweet to get put into the 1k's they would be amazing to play. I remember sweating a few friends who used to play the 1k monday madness on FTP and thought the same thing.

    Btw are you going to play in any of the tournaments during the November Tourny series at Riverrock?

  2. Thx liv.

    Hey Lew,

    Yeah the $215's should be pretty soft and will easily be the best value tournaments in the series...would be nice to make a deep run.

    This is the first that I've heard of the tourney series at the rock...I don't play live at all but this sounds like a pretty cool thing...I'll google around and check it out, thx for the info.