Monday, August 22, 2011

A Bit Of Everything

What's up guys? I haven't been blogging a whole lot this month due to spending less time in front of the computer in general. On the poker front, I've only completed about 1/5 of my target volume for the month (about 10K VPP's so far) and things have gone quite badly. I basically got off to a terrible start on day 1 and then booked a series of extremely small wins over the next few days to cut my "downswing" in half (down only about 4 buy-ins at 200nl). Just some pretty standard runbad variance, although playing a bit rusty certainly can't be helping matters. There is going to be a lot of poker ahead of me over the next 10 days so hopefully things will start to go my way.

I also did manage to play the Supernova Quarterly freeroll yesterday but busted well before the money. I was excited to play the event considering that I had a deep run in the last one cashing for almost $3k. Unfortunately, things were not to go as well this time after I shoved my 10-15bb stack from the SB with A8o and got snapped called by 97s in the BB for 2/3rds of his stack lol and he made a flush.

It's been kind of a meh month...I don't really know how to describe it but it's like I've done quite a bit of stuff but I feel as though I haven't really accomplished anything. I guess that only makes sense though, considering that I've hardly worked at all and my number one goal of finding a place to live by September 1 has not been accomplished yet. It's been tough to house hunt because my potential roommate has had a crazy schedule this month and has been out of the country for most of it. Hopefully we can get lucky and time a good find during the last week of August...otherwise I'll be stuck at home a bit longer than expected-not the end of the world.

One cool thing that I did last week was go out to a photographer's in-home studio for a photo shoot for PokerStars. They wanted some pictures of me to use for the website and for upcoming promotions so I drove out there never having done anything like this before and didn't really know what to expect. The photographer was a really nice and laid back guy so we were pretty much on the same page during the whole process and cranked out several hundred pictures in a couple of hours...I've been told that I'll be able to see the pics so I'll post some of them when I get them. One of the reasons that I was most excited about joining Team Online was to get the opportunity to do some out of the box things like this so hopefully I'll get to do some more cool stuff in the future.

Another fun thing that I've done this month was a fishing trip to Tofino with my dad and grandad. This was the 2nd annual fishing trip for the three of us and we were fortunate enough to once again bring home enough fish to last us the rest of the year! Of course it helped that we had a guide and didn't really have to do anything with regards to finding the fish lol...a few pics:

Even though I've been stuck in the suburbs this month I've still spent a huge portion of my time in the city. The summer weather finally revealed itself to Vancouver and I've tried to take advantage of it by going to the beach as much as possible during the day. It's great to have some friends that have places where the action's at, especially for going out at night. Hanging out at night in the suburbs with some of my closest friends is always a good time but without the randomness of meeting new people you pretty much know what to expect. Having no ladies no hit on usually means the night will end something like this, lol...

I actually wanted no part in burying my good friend and financial manager JP with whatever we could find while he was passed out until I found the feather duster just lying there and couldn't's too bad we don't have the pic of him erupting out of the pile of household things.

Going back to the topic of ladies, it's been a long time now since I've blogged about any random hookups. The truth is that I haven't been with anyone since the end May and have been a little turned off by the idea of one-night stands all summer. I wouldn't say that it's because I'm more mature because I still think that random hookups can definitely be fun but maybe it's more of a "been there done that" situation for me. Unless I'm really into the girl, taking home some questionable bird that I won't ever want to see again now seems a bit boring and not worth my time. Also, I've done some pretty reckless shit in the past and don't really want to keep testing my luck with Vancouver's sluttiest.

My ethics were tested 3-4 days ago when I received a text message at 1:30am on Friday morning from a girl that I've slept with a couple of times telling me that she was at a club and misses me. She was obviously hammered and maybe horny but I was proud of myself for not responding.

I spent most of June and part of July putting in a lot of effort with a girl that is about as far away from the club scene as you can get. She was pretty cute and I put in as much effort as I ever have (which is admittedly not a lot) trying to pursue a relationship but things didn't work out. We went on a couple of dates but the majority of our interaction was spent over the phone. I don't know, she seemed pretty shy and would text me 40 times a day and then make up some excuse to not get together on the weekends. Like, if you don't want to see me, fine-I can take the rejection...just don't call me up on Monday and act as everything's golden. Eventually I just gave up and stopped the texting...oh well, can't say I didn't try.

Anyways, it looks like the weather is going to be pretty bad in Vancouver this week so it should be easier to grind out some heavy hours at the poker tables. Hope you're all having a good summer!

gl at the tables!


  1. Alright mate.

    When you eventually do get married mate you will look back at all those missed "one night stands" opportunities and curse yourself for not doing it.

    Take my advice mate, while your in your early twenties and single get stuck into all these girls as much as you can without overthinking it. Time goes so fast you will be married with kids before you know it and all those chances will be a distant memory.
    The phrase we use is "committed to the wank bank" (i.e stored as a memory in your mind for times alone!!!).

    Or you could just ignore me and behave like a normal respectable human being!!! lol.....fuck that!!!

    take it easy m8

  2. Yo Tyler,

    The weather is supposed to be wicked from Tomorrow onwards what are ya sayin!

    Sweet fishing trip, how'd ya guys do? Lotsa Springs, coho? Do any halibut fishing???

    Just got back this weekend from a fishing trip past Port Alberni where my dad and I stayed at a lodge and were guided fishing all weekend. Caught my limit every day so my freezer is jammed with fish. Thankfully dad knows how to filet so wasn't paying the crazy cannery prices!

    Don't blame you on the girl front mate, was bored of that after 4 years of university! You dont want to meet your wife in a club thats for sure!

    Good luck on the poker front, looks like you are gonna be drillin a bunch of hands!

  3. LOL....sound advice Rossi, as usual. Please let me be the first to know when your book comes out! I might even pre-order.

    Yeah Lew it was a similar story with us...think we caught our limit on the first day and then just tried to go for big ones on the second day since we had more than enough fish already, though I think we ended up with some more decent sized salmon (mostly springs but a few coho) instead.

    Yeah we did some halibut fishing too...I heard that they just closed halibut fishing to recreational fishers too so we timed it nicely lol. I think we got 3-4 but nothing too big.

    Man I was amazed at how expensive processing the fish was (and it didn't help that we got the fish vacuum packed)...definitely a worthy skill to have to filet your own fish!

    Heh, yeah I don't wanna meet my wife in a bar...I should take some spin classes or paintball! (prob butchered that Superbad quote, whateva)