Monday, May 30, 2011


These last couple of days have been insane trying my best to retain my SNE status for the rest of the year (well, until September). I am playing my ass off and giving it everything that I've got and it's still could be all for nothing lol. Yesterday, I grinded for 14 hours! Yes, 14 f*cking hours playing 24 tables of 200nl+ at a time. Today, I've played for about 6 hours and am about to start up another 5 hour grind before taking a 3-4 hour sleep and then I'm going to have another 12 hour race against the clock the following day.

Playing this amount of volume requires intense focus and focus has never been an issue while playing but my discipline is why I'm in this mess to begin with. Little things, such as setting the alarm for 6:30am yesterday and then shutting it off and waking up at 11am, really start to add up. It also didn't help wasting 2 hours in the gym just now talking to some cute girl (wasted?) but it is what it is!

This reminds me a lot of last December all over again...I'll be happy to not lose my bankroll but I've actually managed to turn a small profit thus far. Another problem with not waking up very early in the morning PT is that the games get very dead at night and it's nearly impossible to run 24 tables at a time so I'm getting much fewer hands per hour. As mentioned earlier, the plan from this point forward is to grind out 3K VPP's tonight, which will take around 5 hours, and then wake up at 6:30am and do a 4K-break-4K session to close out the month. I've been running abysmally bad over my marathon so far and I don't expect things to change quickly...I've also been playing kinda crappy making too many calls in spots against the most unbalanced players on Stars where they always have it even though they rep like 1 hand. Oh well, we'll see how things turn out.

Anyways, I'm going to try and pull this off for all of the procrastinators out there. About 11K VPP's needed at this point, I'll try to throw an update in tomorrow but we'll see how much time I have.

gl at the tables!


  1. Seriously, don't go insane bro!

    (Run-bad) + (play-bad) + (shit-tons of volume in a short time) = doesn't usually graph very well

    I think you're putting too much pressure on yourself. Trying to live up to your own expectations of what those 6 black stars or that one little red spade means.

    You aren't a failure if you don't keep SNE this month, think of how many amazing things you've already accomplished in poker!

    ...And will continue to accomplish, when you live better balance for your mind, instead of putting it under this kind of stress

    Few people ever MAKE SNE, and far less KEEP it because of what they had to do to their lives the first time around.

    ...or at least, just plan better next month lol!

    GL, rooting for you either way :D

  2. How are you gonna pick up chicks if you're not a SNE? "Hey babe, I'm a supernova." Doesn't sound as good as a "Sup Bitch, I'm Supernova Elite."

    Just sayin'.