Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No Time For An Update!

Well, there really isn't a whole lot of time but here we go!

I played my 5 hour session last night and ran very well, taking like $2K off of the tables. I earned 3K VPP's in the process and left myself having to earn 8K today.

I just finished up my first half of today's grind and it started off really well and then ran about as bad as I have all month. Seriously have no clue how some of these idiot regs make any money but I guess if they run as good as they do against me all of the time then I can see it (no, I'm not talkin about you gutter :P You're just a box). I could post a dozen hands but there's no time. I thought that I pretty much lost that $2K that I won last night after this session but the start must have been much better than I remeber because I was EVEN!

4K down, 4K to go. Only taking a half hour break right now then back to the grind...honestly no idea if I'll even make it to 50K, it's going to depend on if I can maintain having 24 tables up at a time. Obv going to try my best, hopefully I can run better and make some money in the process. Should be a decent month regardless!

gl at the tables, apologize in advance if I say stuff in the chat today...def in a tilted mood!

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  1. Best Day: May 31st 2011.

    You should do this every month.