Thursday, October 2, 2014

September Review-Slow Progress

September wasn't exactly the most exciting month at the poker tables. I didn't experience any big swings but unfortunately, I couldn't get much going in terms of catching a heater to get the ball rolling upwards. It felt a lot like last month, where I felt that I was running fairly poorly overall but still playing alright and making money due to winning enough "gifted" pots. I did manage to book a small profit from the WCOOP at least, after cashing in a $320 event early on in the series. All in all, I booked a small winning month but have a long way to go if I want to reach my $100K profit goal!

There are a couple of positive things working in my favour to reach my $100K goal, despite booking a relatively small profit of around $3k in September. First, I was reviewing my monthly totals for the year and actually miscalculated my annual earnings thus far by $5k lol. Fortunately, it was a "good" mistake as I've actually earned $5k more than originally thought. Second, October has the potential to be a booming month with the chance of 5-figures worth of bonuses depending on my volume! Hopefully things pan out a bit better at the tables and I might have a slim shot after all. I have to adjust my volume target though...I think that 500K VPPs was unrealistic from the start and now it's going to take a lot of effort to make 400K but that will be the goal. To be clear, I'm not changing my profit target and the volume goal was never important in terms of having to reach's just there to supplement THE goal of earning $100K.

So my ice hockey season is off to a completely opposite start to last year, where we pretty much lost every game by 5+ goals. Now we're in a lower division and are lighting it up! 6-0, 39 GOALS FOR and 6 AGAINST lol. It's been a fun ride but we're getting bumped up a div after the next game. You would think that moving up a division wouldn't be that bad since on paper it looks like we're an unstoppable force and it might not be...but I think that we look a lot better on paper then we actually are. Like the games have been weird-they'd be close for 1 or 2 periods, even tied and then the flood gates would just open up and we'd score 5 goals in the third. Also, one game was a forfeit and 2 wins came against the same team so yeah, we're definitely the best team in the division but I'm not so sure it's as clear cut as it seems. Regardless, we should at least be in a bunch of close games in the new division and hopefully win our fair share. I've personally been playing pretty was a rusty first couple of games but I've made an adjustment in my wrist shot and have since scored 8 goals in the last 3 games and I'm in the top 2 point leaders on the team. The change in my shot was just starting to get my top hand more involved in the shot by pulling backwards and really flexing the stick. The power increase has been pretty dramatic and it feels like I'm firing darts out there!

October's going to be a pretty jammed packed month. On top of all the poker that I intent to play I've got the usual weekly hockey/workout stuff and then I've got my birthday, a couple of Thanksgiving dinners to attend and of course, Halloween. It should be busy but it should be a lot of fun too! The progress bar is updated and here's to hoping it moves a lot farther to the right when October's all said and done...

gl at the tables!

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