Thursday, August 14, 2014

2014-500K VPPs + $100,000

I have a very clear vision now for what I want to accomplish over the remainder of the year. Unfortunately, SNE will not be happening. I think that I could make it in 2015 should I choose to go for it but it would require zero procrastination, as logging near-SNE volume every month would be vital to my success. At this point in the year, being just over the 200K VPP mark, there just aren't enough hours in the day and enough mid-stakes games running to realistically achieve the status by the end of December. Reclaiming my black stars will have to wait.

That said, I'm very focused now on what it would take for me to deem 2014 a financial success. The number that I'm striving for is nothing short of 6-figures-a goal that will be challenging but definitely possible. I don't usually like setting profit goals for the reason that you can't totally control your poker results. I think that most professionals would agree that your energy is better spent on playing as well as you can and on the things that you can control, rather than the short-term results at the tables. For that reason, I'm coupling my $100,000 financial goal with a VPP goal of 500K. I'll stay focused on the VPP target, which is supposed to go hand in hand with the profit goal and we'll see how things fall into place.

Earning 300K more VPPs by the end of the year will be no easy feat for me. I'll be sticking to my main low/mid-stakes games and will need to average about 60K VPPs per month...something that I don't think that I've done yet all year, although I've been close on more than one occasion. As for the profit, I'm currently up around $40K on the year after a slow start so I'll basically have to bang out 5-figure months from here on out. By sticking to my normal games and getting in the required volume this should be doable, although variance will play a large role in my success/failure...still though, the key will almost certainly be simply logging the hours!

Finally, I have the website that I have always wanted! I spent a lot of time over the last few days designing everything and in the end I wanted all of the bell and whistles (email subscription option, YouTube/Twitter/Facebook links, Google followers gadget, sitemeter) but I also wanted a CLEAN look. I'm happy with the result and think that the website is fully-functioning but also not too busy. I also got around to updating my blogroll finally so if you asked me a while back to add you, hopefully I did. Anyways, there will probably be some tweaks here and there but the site is by and large complete...I hope you like it!

So the first couple of weeks in August were largely planned vacations. I went on a family fishing/surfing/island relaxing trip and almost immediately following that I had a guys weekend up in the interior of BC. The trips were both amazing but now I'm ready to get to work. I don't have any planned getaways for the rest of the year so other than a few weekend things my time will be dedicated towards poker. I've played a bit so far this month and got off to a pretty hot start before running ice cold over the last couple of days:

Fortunately, the losses have been chalked up to almost entirely EV and there have been a few sick cooler spots where I've put in the money in terrible shape. I'm still posting a win-rate of over 3bb/100 and an EV bb/100 close to 6, so I'm feeling pretty good about my game at this point. With so much poker left to play this month it feels like pretty much anything could happen.

Alright, I'll be back to update things as the month unfolds.

gl at the tables!

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