Friday, May 30, 2014

Satisfaction-May Review 2014

Well, I managed to end May on a solid note after all :)

The upward slop beginning around hand 70K wasn't exactly coincidental. Good things started happening when I chose to move away from Zoom and play the normal tables again, drawn to them by the 700K miletstone promotion that was happening on Stars. Zoom hands were not eligible for the promo so it made sense to spend my hours grinding at the tables that could possibly bring me a nice bonus at any instance. I didn't end up binking any milestones but I did seem to catch some rungood and started winning with more consistency. I think that the Zoom 6 max tables are higher variance than the regular tables but not by as much as my results might can actually see that my EV graph begins to spike well before hand 70K (when I was still playing Zoom) so I think most of my turnaround can just be attributed to variance. Also, I did play another session of zoom a couple of days ago when there weren't a lot of normal tables running and won almost 3 buy-ins so yeah, I think variance is by far the bigger factor in my upswing compared to the type of tables that I was playing.

Here's the breakdown by stakes ^^


$4,090 Table Winnings
$2,000 FPP Value
$1,000 100K Milestone bonus
$7,090 USD

Factor in some salary and a nice US exchange rate and the month turned out to be pretty satisfying. My volume let me down a bit again but I think that I did earn the most VPPs that I have in a single month in 2014, accumulating around 36,500. It's a start at least. I'm running out of time on the SNE chase though so I'm going to have to actually put up a respectable VPP count in June if I want to make this happen...I'm not even going to throw out a number to target since I've been so unsuccessful at hitting them but I am going to play as much as I think that I can.

Away from the tables, things also shaped up quite nicely at the end of the month. I've been back working out and eating better, which has allowed me to feel much better both physically and mentally. My ankle seems to be holding up alright and it was one of the least sore parts of my body after the first workout back in roughly 4 months...

I've been back on YouTube this month with my Hand of the Week series and I'm looking to continue that in June. What I wanted to do for June though, is analyze hands that are sent in by you guys. If you'd like to submit a cash game hand (any stakes) for me to review, please just send me the hand history text in a private message on my facebook page: LINK Don't worry about finding a super crazy hand or anything, the more standard ones are actually probably more helpful for people. I'll see how many submissions that I get but I'll probably plan on just picking the first 4 interesting ones that I receive and release 1 per week. If this is popular I can obv continue taking submissions in future months, or do some sort of mix of my own hands+hands from y'all.

Alright, I hope everyone has a good weekend. I'm wrapping up May 1 day early to take care of some chores tomorrow so that I can clear my plate by June 1. The weather's getting to be very nice again in Vancouver so I'm also going to be hosting a BBQ tomorrow night with some girlfriend also picked up the new Mario Kart today so I'm looking forward to that BBQ turning into a Mario Kart party later in the evening! I've only really played MK for the N64 but I'm assuming that my skills will be transferable to the Wii U and if that is indeed the case, everyone else better bring their A-game.

gl at the tables!

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