Sunday, February 5, 2012

Keeping In Touch

Hey guys. Man, so much stuff just keeps happening everyday in my life. It's amazing how the days still seem to fly by even though the only constant on my daily schedule is a workout at the gym. I'm way behind in blogging and I know how long it will take to catch up and the thought of that just puts me off writing even more...that's why I'm kind of using this entry to collect my thoughts a little bit. Three things that need to get done soon are 1)Road Trip, 2) Year end review of 2011 and 3) Goals/Plan for 2012. I have set a deadline for myself to get everything blog related finished by Feb 7. That means that I will be back at the tables for the first time this year on Feb. 8th and am looking forward to being productive once again. Even though I've missed a month already, I expect 2012 to be another tough grind but a profitable one as well.

One thing that I've learned about myself over the last couple of months is that I am not addicted to poker lol. To any other grinders out there, I highly recommend taking at least a month off at some point if you have the financial means to do it for your sanity and health. I save most of my money and rarely splurge on any big purchases, which can suck if you care about people ragging on you about what kind of car you drive etc. but is amazing if you don't want to feel any financial pressure everyday. I could give two sh*ts about material possessions at this point in my life...sure it would be nice to trade in my 1993 Accord for a Porsche but I wouldn't trade being able to wake up in the morning and doing whatever I wanted for any vehicle any time soon. As I mentioned, Aside from my drive to LA and the PCA trip, my days have been filled with morning coffees, afternoon workouts and lunches, evening drinks and weekend trips to Whistler. It's been pretty sweet but there's been plenty of drama as well and you know when I say drama, I mean girls.

There's been a lot of funny stories but the short of it is that old frosty's still single. It's too bad, maybe I'll go into more detail later (aka when I'm hammered) because otherwise it's a known fact that I'll be offending some ladies and we don't want that.

I'm hosting the Final Table of the Sunday Million tomorrow if you want to drop by. It should be taking place some time after the Suberbowl...go Pats! Brady, what a guy...

I've also got a new website operational!
I'll definitely be making a post that links this blog over very shortly but if you want to check it out for now then go take a look...I think it looks pretty sweet and is much more manageable/professional than blogspot.

Anyways, I've got a couple more announcements to make but for now it's off to bed. Stay turned for a blog frenzy coming over the next few days!

gl at the tables, thanks for readin'

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