Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Night and Day

There's been a bit of a weird pattern occurring since I resumed playing poker after my weekend vacation. It seems as though my boomswitch gets turned on after 10pm and then gets turned off before 10am. You might even say that the contrast between how I run when the sun's up and when it's down is as clear as night and day :)

You won't hear me complaining about the running bad (yet) though because I've still managed to turn a profit in the worst of times. Even though it hurts to look at my EV graph for my daytime sessions, it doesn't really bother me so long as I'm not losing a lot of money. On the same note, I don't really get tilted at all even if I do book a loss so long as the blame can be put on EV. I don't often lose my cool over a bad beat to a recreational player either...I understand that it's part of the game and is the reason why poker is profitable to begin with (since getting it in with the best of it will be favourable in the long run). I will become frustrated though if say a regular pulls some horrible move and sucks out on me. Even still, It's a million times more tilting to be placed on the wrong end of an obvious cooler situation (ie. KK into AA in the blinds) then to lose all-in as a statistical favorite.

Anyways, I just thought it was kind of interesting to see a bit of a pattern developing...even if only over a couple of days.

Day 1

Night 1

Day 2

Night 2

Day 3

I'll most likely be putting in a couple of hours tonight as well so we'll see if the pattern continues and if I can strap on my Nikes and run well again.

I've been sticking right to my game plan as far as VPP's are concerned with regards to retaining SNE once again by the end of the month. I need to average 4K VPP's a day from here on out, which is doable but I have a lot on my plate right now outside of poker. The main issue is that my 1-year lease on my apartment is expiring at the end of the month so I'll have to move all of my stuff out of here and look for a new place. Thankfully, some of the pressure of finding a place has been taken off of me since I can crash at my parents place (WINNING) for a couple of weeks until I find a new home. I'm actually really excited about the move because if all goes according to plan I'll be living with my good friend Mark before September.

Aside from relocating, I've also been busy with a couple of other things. I just set up a bunch of investments with the bulk of my earning from last year so instead of keeping 6-figures in a "high interest savings account" at the bank, I will actually have my money start working for me. Or I will lose everything, only time will tell.

I also went to the barber today and shaved my head, lol. I've done the buzz cut before in the past and figured now is as good a time as any since the weather's decent. I think it looks alright and it's always a great feeling to step out of the shower without having a wet mop on your head.

I guess I'll close by saying that this has been a great month so far on and off of the tables. Hopefully the upward trend on my graph continues for the rest of July and I can book a solid 5-figure month. Things that I'm in the process of working on include finishing my "poker story" and a look at my upcoming WCOOP schedule that I'm really looking forward to.

All right guys, gl at the tables.


  1. frosty

    good effort mate, thats a MANS haircut!!!

    in your opinion what should a full ring grinders VPIP/PFR/AF be opitmally??
    Every time i watch you play over a load of tables it seems (from an observers point of view) that you hardly play any hands at all, and even then you are min raising most of the time? Yet you make LOADs of $$$$$.

    any news of when yr pokerstars video is getting released?

  2. Hey Ross dawg,

    ehhh I think a bunch of different styles will work but my personal opinion is that somewhere in the mid-teens for VPIP and PRF is probably best. Keep in mind that you don't want your PFR to be too much lower than your VPIP because that indicates passiveness and calling station tendencies (ie playing 18/4).

    It might appear that I'm not playing a ton of hands but it sure feels like I am. Yeah the min-raise is now my standard open in the CO and BTN unless I minipulate it on purpose or misclick it to 3x because I'm too lazy to change it (I have Table Ninja default at 3x, which I open with at most positions).

    heh no more news on my vidoe, it sounded as though maybe towards the end of August/early Sept. I'll keep ya posted when I hear more!

  3. Hey man you have a nice blog! I was wondering how you collect the date to make those nice hands/profit charts you show. Let me know!

  4. very nice blog....
    frosty would you mind re-uploading the 100NL 24 tabling video you made last year ?
    I was browsing the whole blog but found the link dead....
    Also, do you do coaching too ?

  5. Hey RMC, thx for readin' buddy. I use Holdem' Manager to collect all of my hands while I play and then there's a graph function to plot the graph for me.

    Hey liv, thx. I checked out the link and everything seems to be working fine for me, not sure if you're still having problems downloading the video...

    At the moment I offer no coaching, although that may change in the future as I think that it's something that I'm interested in. I'll keep you posted on the blog.