Monday, April 4, 2011

$100K Means That I Can Afford a New Chair

Ahhh, it has finally happened, one hundred thousand dollars earned through playing a card game! Alright, well technically I've earned more than that already in my poker career but not through straight table winnings. Earning $100K is no small feat, especially given the stakes that I play. The fact is that with SNE you can actually earn over $100K a year just by breaking even and cashing in on FPP's but if you're as competitive as I am then that will not be satisfying enough. I would say that it takes a very good player just to break even at mid stake cash games so making a living off of rakeback is certainly nothing to scoff at. It takes an exceptional player to have any sort of decent win-rate at poker and a truly elite player to crush the games while playing 24 tables. I can only think of like, less than 5 people that I would put into this last category (and no, I would not include myself lol). So with all of that in mind, I'm very proud of how I've advanced in my poker career and am pleased with my growth thus far. Variance is a biatch, so who knows how long I'll be staying above that 100K profit floor. Thankfully, I've been through enough at this point that I should know how to claw my way back if and when I dip below it!

Yesterday, disaster struck...I was feverishly doing what I love and my chair collapsed (playin' poker ya pervs). It was a long time coming and she will be deeply missed. She was with me since the early days of my professional poker career and has had a strong impact on the posture bestowed upon my back. Without her, I may fully well be half an inch shorter than I am today.

Given the circumstance, I had to make an unscheduled trip out to IKEA this afternoon. After navigating through more people than at a sold out Vancouver Canucks game, I was able to find a deserving replacement.



I didn't trade up just for looks, this new chair has a few new features that my old chair did not:

1) Comfort
2) It swivels
3) It goes up and down

May my new chair and I see many hands together.

gl at the tables!


  1. Haha congratulations.

    I've been wanting to ask you this question since I've read your very first blog, but cba to make an account to be able to comment here. I finally did it though, so here is it!

    How do you improve your game these days?
    -Sweatting with fellow pro's/lower stakes ppl (coaching them)
    -Posting hands on 2+2
    -Post on other people's hands questions
    -Read book's/articles
    -Watch training video's
    -Go trough your HH/stats (like every 2 weeks?)
    -Just focussing hard while playing looking for leaks of yourself and opponents (is that even possible 24ing?)

    Thnx and gl on 1m earned!

  2. Sorry for spelling^^ I just woke up..

  3. lolllll @ your old chair

    Life bankroll nit imo :-P

  4. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    Okay. Best post ever:D

  5. hey mate your old chair looks so f*cking un-comfy.

    the qualities of you new chair are exactly what i look for in a GIRL lol

    nice one hitting $100k table-winnings.

  6. LOL frosty my chair i use looks exactly like your old one wooden and shit i cant wait for an upgrade

  7. How can you use a chair without any armrests?

  8. bbroad: Good question, thanks for askin' man. Basically, I just learn by myself through trial and error at the tables. I very rarely go back and reveiew my hand histories afterwards unless a particular hand is really bothering me. I also never really talk with other poker players about strat. I also read the forums semi-frequently but mostly just to keep up to date with the poker community/promotions and that kind of thing. I do read HH's that are posted sometimes though, I think that's a great way to learn but you have to be careful because there is a lot of bad advice given that is often stated as fact. I think that training sites can be very useful too, even though I've never really watched any training videos I may start more in the future.

    But yeah, cliffs = trial and error (ie. tinkering with different components of my game until I'm happy with my results, such as bet sizing and adjusting my opening/3bet ranges from different positions).

    James: haha, gotta save for a rainy day tho!

    Rossi: Hilarious, I think that subconsciously I must have been thinking about women while buying my chair...

    fishy: It's funny that you bring that up. I actually purchased the armrests that go with the chair but chose not to put them on the chair for extra mobility since I use both of my arms while playing. We'll see in the future though, maybe I'll give them a try...

  9. you realy use a chair? You don´t think it would be better for your back to play recline on a couch or bed :)

  10. Ey frosty, i just wonder how you mainly redeem yours fpps and vpps. Is it just by stars vip store or you use in tourneys and sell the tickets?